Wednesday, July 24, 2013

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry: Baby In The Womb Isn’t A Life Until Parents “Feelings” Say So, Nothing To Do With “Science”

( – Noting the worldwide excitement surrounding Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry compared the hoopla surrounding the British royal birth to Texas abortion politics, and then offered her own definition of viability: 
“When does life begin? I submit the answer depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents. A powerful feeling – but not science,” Harris-Perry said on her show Sunday. “The problem is that many of our policymakers want to base sweeping laws on those feelings.” 
Harris-Perry also said that women with unwanted pregnancies do not share the same experience as the Duchess of Cambridge, who gave birth Monday to an 8 pound, 6 ounce baby boy who is now third in line to the British throne. 
“When a pregnancy is wanted . . . it is easy to think of the bump as a baby,” Harris-Perry said. “But not every pregnancy is a fairy tale.” 
“An unwanted pregnancy can be biologically the same as a wanted one. But the experience can be entirely different,” she added.


Always On Watch said...

Would these people say the same about baby animals? Pets, wildlife, etc.

christian soldier said...

A is right-
When I am asked about a woman's "right to choose" - I say-
"Yes- she has a right to choose- when she becomes a woman - my job is to allow her be born (abortion is murder) and grow to womanhood- then - she can "choose"!

WC said...

MSNBC metal illness.

Pastorius said...

I like that, CS.

Especially in light of the fact that the Obamabots think it's ok to abort based upon the gender of the infant.

Charles Martel said...

This bimbo is in a special dimension all by herself ...

Pastorius, what do you mean about the Obamabots gender selection of babies?

Pastorius said...

Charles, here you go:

Epaminondas said...

We only need to ask ourselves why we so DESPERATELY act to save the life of a preemie with unlimited heroic measures?

How can ANYONE with ANY view argue that the moment after we can save the life of the youngest premature infant, ABORTION IS THEN FACTUALLY MURDER.

This moment will become younger and younger as our SCIENCE improves.

No faith, or feeling of any kind is required for this definition.