Friday, July 26, 2013

Malaysia May Charge Beauty Pageant Contestants With “Insulting Islam” For Criticizing Fatwa Banning Muslim Women From Competition

(Bernama) – The four Muslim women who disputed the National Fatwa Council decision banning Muslim women from participating in beauty pageants can be charged in the Syariah Court. 
Deputy president of Pahang Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council (Muip) Datuk Seri Wan Abdul Wahid Wan Hassan said they could be charged under Sharia law if they participated in the beauty pageant. 
“This is because a fatwa that has been gazetted become Sharia law and offenders can be charged under Section 165 of the Sharia Criminal Procedure Code Enactment for insulting Islam,” he told reporters after presenting aid to State Secondary Religious School students here today. 
Sarah Amelia Bernard, 20, Wafa de Korte, 19, Miera Sheikh, 19, and Kathrina Ridzuan, 23, not only disputed the ban but were adamant to join the Miss Malaysia beauty pageant although their names were dropped by the organiser.


Anonymous said...

If Malaysia doesn't want them...Let's just say that this is the sort of Muslim immigration we should be encouraging.

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