Sunday, July 28, 2013

The T.C. Maslin Beating Case

Read about Maslin's life today in the Washington Post in an article entitled "The gray beyond: A family copes after tragedy." One brief excerpt, the words of Mrs. Maslin:
“This man, my husband, he’s literally the smartest man I’ve ever met. He learns things quicker than anyone could hope to. I married him, in part, because I wanted to be with someone quicker, sharper, and more worldly than myself. I never, in a hundred million years, imagined myself explaining to him the plot of a book I know he’s read before. It is the cruelest of mean jokes. It is a knife in the heart that keeps cutting at us both.”
Read the entire article HERE.


Anonymous said...

Quote: "But there is cruelty in survival too"

So true. Brain injuries can be extensively cruel to the victim and all loved ones. The animals responsible for this should be publicly drawn and quartered.

Always On Watch said...

Zimmerman could easily have ended up like T.C. Maslin. One blow to the head can do something like what happened to Maslin; there is case after case of such horrors.

Anonymous said...

an what were the perps. ?- Oh Wait .. I see the photos >>>- BLACK ---

I never thought I would look for the color--of skin--