Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fred Van Lente condemns Islam's "prophet" Muhammed (update: or does he?)

If I'm reading this correctly, comics writer Van Lente has said something pretty gutsy:

As far as I've known, Van Lente is a leftist (and he did make the enemies capitalists in the new take on Archer and Armstrong), so this is pretty bold coming from him. The Koranic verses he's alluded to include suras 40:71-72 and 22:19-21, and that's just for starters.

We'll certainly have to give him some credit for showing the courage to speak out against a belief system built upon evil.

Update: now that I realize, it's uncertain he's actually being critical of Islam at all, since his statement doesn't contain any negativity per se. If he's not, then it's a real shame.

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Epaminondas said...

I will fly the dragons to the nearest kosher deli, and enjoy all the damn pastrami on bulkie rolls I can eat, with no more worries about arteries and then go out for chinese food with the gals.