Wednesday, September 28, 2016

So, have I missed anything?

Let's see, before I went back to get the start up going to design web sites, work on back end SQL, and IT service work:

  • Hillary Clinton was held accountable by the majority of the public for nothing
  • Legal immigrants from the middle east claiming to be involved in some obscure manner with LGBT were killing Americans
  • Obama was claiming via some tortuous path of statistical permuations things were actually good in the USA
  • Cops, somehow, were killing black men and riots over the confusing events ensued
  • Many Americans who happen to be black perceived that the cops WERE up for killing black men and many Americans  who happen to be white folks just did not see it that way, and  this divide was deepening and widening.
  • Trump was having his heretofore CLEAR twin (WINNING) messages of free trade (economy) and the border (security at home) make it's way from his head to the mindset of the public because he could not resist killing. with unlimited and public effort, any perceived assault on his way of life.
  • The media's panic and ensuing hysteria that their entire perception of reality was going to be rejected and that they themselves would find TV viewing (and ad revenue-and the lifestyles that resulted) greatly reduced, and that NYT, WaPo, Boston Globe LA Times readership would be greatly reduced, (and ad revenue-and the lifestyles that resulted), and that all the nice things which they cared about (and ad revenue-and the lifestyles that resulted) greatly reduced, RESULTED in a series of smears, some OUTRIGHT lies, innuendo increasing in frenzy and frequency.
  • Other nations were taking advantage of both the purposeful retreat of America and her influence, lack of care and effort by this administration in any meaningful way and abandonment of allies around the world on the seas and on the ground, and even in THIS HEMISPHERE
You tell me, have I missed anything?


Pastorius said...

Physical attacks on white people, by people of color, have ratcheted up, because they feel justified as Black Lives Matter and it's media arm, well, THE MEDIA, have framed an argument that all White people are White Supremacists because privilege


Ideological attacks (read outright racism) against White people have been ratcheted up by the Government-Media/Academia Complex (again, because privilege) to the point where, now crimes are being blamed on white people that Blacks, Hipsanics, females, and India/Pakistani people have committed - Nathan Desai who bears a Sanskrit name and went on a mass shooting spree wherein he shot 9 people in Houston, well, his name has been Europeanized to DeSai by EVERY MEDIA OUTLET THAT CAN BE SEEN ON GOOGLE

Always On Watch said...

How long before white people are under siege?

Yesterday the UNHRC issued an edict that reparations should be made for the oppression of blacks -- and the resolution specifically cited the murders being committed by the police. In addition, the resolution also mentioned xenophobia.

The resolution is non-binding. For now.