Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Britain ‘could take 20,000 migrants from Italy’ as packed migrant centres face closure

Terrorist Diaspora Made Up of Widows and Orphans

From The Express:
“BRITAIN could face a fresh influx of up to 20,000 migrants as Italy’s interior ministry warns the country could be forced to close its reception centres. 
The ministry has said a budget shortfall of €60million could lead to crowded reception centres closing within a matter of weeks. 
If the closures go ahead, the migrants will be let loose and may be compelled to seek refuge in wealthier countries in northern Europe, including Britain. 
Italian government ministers warned months ago the number of migrants entering the country was becoming “unmanageable” as more than 132,000 migrants have sought refuge in Italy this year alone. 
As Italy warns its reception centres are at breaking point, the interior ministry hastened to add if migrants end up wandering the Italian streets, it “could create problems of public order because of the social tensions that it risks generating”. 
The majority of the migrants crossed via the Mediterranean Sea from the North African coast from countries including Nigeria, Senegal, Gambia, Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea. 
Italy is currently paying between 25 and 45 euros per day to feed and shelter a total of 160,000 migrants. And the government claims its budget is so overstretched that staff at some of the refugee centres have not received their salaries for more than six months. 
Giuseppe Guerini, president of Confcooperative, a federation of NGOs, said: “There have never been such serious delays in payment (to migrant facilities) and beyond the very high risk of no longer being able to provide assistance to asylum seekers, it also poses problems for the staff of these centres. 
“For more than six months, members of staff have not received their salaries. We’re at the point of collapse.” 
Interior minister Angelino Alfano revealed the Italian treasury would need to release more money in order to prevent the reception centre closures. 
The UN warned earlier this month that at least 235,000 refugees were waiting on the coast of Libya to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Italy.”


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