Friday, September 30, 2016

‘We either protect Europe or we LOSE it’ Hungary PM would deport all illegal migrants

Sunday’s vote is essentially to decide whether Hungary’s borders are controlled by the national parliament or by the EU. 
The openly anti-migrant Viktor Orban believes that a vote to retain control at national level may have a domino effect within the EU and for that reason politicians of Brussels are already attacking it. 
Mr Orban said: "By a successful referendum we can possibly succeed in fights with those who want to weaken Europe by uncontrolled migration. 
"We should deport all of those who entered Europe unlawfully. We either protect our home, Europe, or we are going to lose it completely." 
The Hungarian leader claims the EU’s open-door migrant policy is triggering deeper problems for Europe and even the refugees. 
Mr Orban thinks the solution lies in stopping migrants from leaving their homes completely. 
He said: "Accepting the influx of migrants in Europe is like going to war with our hands thrown up in the air. 
"We believe that we should protect our borders and we should avoid hundreds of thousands of people from entering Europe. 
"Furthermore, we should effectively stop them from leaving their own countries.

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