Thursday, September 29, 2016

Something's Going On With "Emergency Alerts"?

BeforeItsNews: Whoa! Scary Test to Happen Tomorrow 9/28/16! EAS Emergency Alert System Will Include an Announcement From the President to Individual Citizens! (Video)
BeforeItsNews: FEMA’s IPAWS to Hold National Test of Emergency Alert System Today 
FEMA’s IPAWS will hold a national test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) on Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 at 2:20pm EDT. The National Periodic Test (NPT) code, which is used to distribute the national test, is similar to the Regular Monthly test (RMT) code that generates a brief EAS message on radio, TV, and cable indicating a test of the EAS is in progress.
The NPT test code will be sent from FEMA’s alerting infrastructure, known as IPAWS, and relayed through all aspects of the EAS. The test message will be the same as a typical monthly EAS test message, with one exception: the word “National” will be added to the test message.
The goal of the mandatory test is to assess the operational readiness and effectiveness of the IPAWS infrastructure for distribution of a national-level message to the public. A second goal is to implement a standard method for regular alert and warning tests which help to improve the national preparedness posture.
The test is expected to have limited impact on the public with only minor disruptions of radio and television programs. Only the EAS will be tested in this nationwide test. Cell phone and other FEMA alerting capabilities will not be tested during this event.


This comment was posted at FreeRepublic:
This is video of a civil alert yesterday from a WKTV Channel 2 Utica, NY.

They later posted on their twitter feed to ignore the alert.

Red banner at top of video segment reads:
"Civil authorities have issued a Hazardous Materials Warning for The United States. Effective until September 29, 02:16 AM EDT. Would you. Could you. On a Train? Wait for further instructions>"

WKTV NewsChannel 2 Facebook post:
"IMPORTANT NOTE - If you were watching our newscast around 6:17 p.m. you may have seen a "Hazardous Materials Warning" crawl across your screen. There is NO such warning. The message was an automated test which was not intended for public display. Again, there is NO warning. Our apologies for the confusion this may have caused."

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