Friday, September 30, 2016



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Implant Friday, fool. Implant Friday, except for about two of them.


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Well, this isn't exactly on-topic, but if one was to preserve such images this should be considered relevant:

OT: You too can submit testimony to Senator Sessions’ Immigration subcommittee

Tell the US Senate what you think about the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program by next Wednesday, October 5th. Senator Jeff Sessions wants to hear what you think about the plans for over 100,000 refugees proposed by Obama for resettlement in the US in 2017
(which begins tomorrow!).

I know you are very angry, however, while being forceful, be polite. Remember you are writing to Senator Sessions who has been the shining light in the Senate for years on the issue of immigration and jobs.

If you didn't see the hearing this past Wednesday, watch it here to get inspiration. See Leo Hohmann's good summary of what happened here.

For those of you in overloaded and stressed towns, or in towns where secrecy has surrounded an existing or planned program, report on what is happening where you live.

If you don't have refugees (yet), don't hesitate to say what you think. This program requires billions of your tax dollars!

It would be a good idea to copy your letter to Sessions to your own US Senators and to your Representative in Congress. Be sure to reference the hearing on the President's FY2017 Refugee Admissions Program and ask them in your cover note to them where they
stand on this program.

Address letters (testimony) to:

The Honorable Jeff Sessions

Senate Judiciary Committee

Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest

US Senate

Washington, DC 20510

You can either snail-mail your testimony or send it electronically with attention to Danielle at and ask that it be included in the hearing record.

Get it there by October 5th!

Then take advantage of the fact that you testified to the US Senate and use it as a media opportunity for your local newspaper/websites/facebook etc.

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Update on sending testimony to Senator Sessions’ Immigration subcommittee

Please revisit the post from earlier this afternoon for updated instructions on how to send your testimony. Unfortunately, unless I get further clarification, you will need to send your testimony in the form of a letter and please mail it Monday so it has the best chance of getting there in time.

This is the Update I just posted there:

take the time to write letters, in a letter format, I've been notified by the committee staff that they can't simply post a couple of lines of e-mails. They have also asked that I remove the e-mail address I had originally published. You know how important this issue is to you, so spend a little time writing a formal letter!

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Either way Tammy, I don't think guys are complaining.