Friday, September 23, 2016

US State Dept Spokesman ADMITS We’ll Have Terrorism As Long As We Have ‘Refugees’ - Still The Administration Talks Of Bypassing Texas' Refusal To Participate in Resettlement by COORDINATING WITH CHARITIES

From The Express:
State Department spokesman John Kirby acknowledged that ISIS terrorists were trying to mingle with refugee populations overseas in the hopes of making it to the US in disguise. 
Mr Kirby told the press: "I wouldn't debate the fact that there's the potential for ISIS terrorists to try to insert themselves, and we see that in some of the refugee camps in Jordan and in Turkey, where they try to insert themselves into the population. 
"Is the process perfect? Can it be perfect? Can it be foolproof? Well, probably not, no." 
The acknowledgement comes after the Department of Homeland Security inspector general's office released a report showing that 858 individuals from countries "of concern to the national security" were mistakenly granted U.S. citizenship instead of being deported. 
President Obama pledged to accept roughly 110,000 refugees from around the world in 2017, a 60 percent increase over this year’s total. 
But, the Texan Governor has refused to cooperate with President Obama, the Government could still force the refugees onto the state. 
Sources say federal officials could bypass the state in coordinating resettlements with local charities.


Pete Rowe said...

Then we will shut down the charities. The worst will be the Catholic affiliated groups.

christian soldier said...

the federal govt is - Constitutionally second to the individual state gvt
we have been weak -
if a charity can be shut down because of original intent -Constitutionally- good-

Always On Watch said...

It's time to quit donating to churches. These churches are undermining our nation.

Pete Rowe said...

AOW, most of the churches in America undermine Jesus and the faith delivered to the saints. And our country.

Always On Watch said...

I know!

The Great Falling Away?

CrossWare said...

I "love" the part where accidentally gave citizenship instead deportation? That is just beyond absurd!

Anonymous said...

I remember Dr Carson when he said months ago that of course, it was to be expected terrorists trying to infiltrate the refugees. Not doing so, would be a dereliction of duty.
Except the idiots in the West are too blind or stupid to accept what is obvious.

And yes, Catholic Charities is one of the worse supporting the importing of Muslims.