Friday, April 26, 2019

Notre Dame: No Accident?

If the catastrophic fire at Notre-Dame de Paris was a simple accident, why has the French government forbidden state-employed architects to give any further interviews about the fire? 
Whilst I do not wish to embrace the wild theories of “conspiracy theorists”, I cannot but ask myself a few intriguing questions regarding the blaze which engulfed Notre-Dame de Paris. 
1. How could those massive centuries-old oak beams go up in flames, like a humble matchstick? Everyone knows that seasoned oak timber dry with time and become as hard as concrete. By what means is it possible to set fire to that kind of centuries-old hardwood? 
2. The fire started at the base of the cathedral spire. What was the spire resting on? How was it anchored to the underlying timber framework? 
3. How could this gigantic frame of both wood and metal burst into flames without the help of some sort of highly combustible material placed either at its base or close by (wood shavings, dead leaves, the odd vegetable matter, or liquid accelerant)? 
4. How can we account for the speed at which the fire spread from the base of the spire to the whole roof if there was no highly combustible material present on the roof of the cathedral?

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Always On Watch said...

These unanswered questions indicate that something is being covered up.