Friday, April 26, 2019

Trump Confirms to Hannity He Will Declassify Carter Page FISA Docs, ‘Everything is Going to Be Declassified… and Much More’

This just keeps getting better and betterer.
Sean Hannity asked President Trump if he will declassify the Carter Page FISA docs and other pertinent Russia records related to Spygate. 
The President promptly responded, “Yes.” 
“Yes. Everything is gonna be declassified and more — much more than what you just mentioned — it will all be declassified,” Trump said, adding, “And I’m glad I waited because I thought that maybe they would obstruct if I did it early and I think I was right, so I’m glad I waited and now the Attorney General can take a very strong look at whatever it is. 
Trump continued, “It will be declassified and more than what you just mentioned.”
Watch the video at 22:55

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