Friday, April 19, 2019

Video on restrictions in the Catholic Church against Pope Benedict’s writings

From Vlad Tepes Blog:
Pope Benedict set up and guaranteed the largest canonization in Catholic Church history. It was the mass-canonization of soldiers who fought against Islamic Invaders of Europe and chose to be killed by the muslim pirates of the 15th century, rather than convert to Islam.
Trying to google this gives narrative versions of the events but that is what happened.
Pope Benedict set up the canonization and left Francis with the job of finishing it which he did after sanitizing the language so that no mention of the real reason these men died could be mentioned. And had Benedict not mysteriously abdicated his role for the PoMo Pope, Francis, he would have finished this ceremony properly.
We can safely say he would have, because in another speech where he quoted a Persian king, that was under siege by Mohammed’s armies in a speech he gave, which became for some unknown reason, a major controversy in his reign as Pope, even though it was an accurate quote, and the context made sense.
But we don’t live in a world of truth. We live in a world of “hate-facts” where truth will set you to a reeducation camp of one sort of another.

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