Tuesday, April 30, 2019

WATCH: Bartiromo's Interview With Border Patrol Agents Was Interrupted... By Illegal Aliens Crossing The Border

Fox News' Maria Bartiromo conducted a special episode of "Sunday Morning Features" at the United States-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas. During her interview, Bartiromo spoke with Border Patrol officers to talk about the crisis taking place on America's southern border. 
While speaking with a few of the agents about the dried up Rio Grande River, multiple illegal aliens crossed the ravine and stepped right into the United States. 
According to the Border Patrol agent, those crossing the border like this look for an agent and willingly turn themselves in. The reason? They're giving a piece of paper and are sent northbound further into the United States. 
"I mean, the river's dry right now so it's easy to get through," Bartiromo told the agent. "Correct," he responded "Mexico is right over there," she said, pointing across the ravine. 
"Yes, ma'am," he responded "And then, of course, they run up–" he said as Bartiromo looked around. 
"Who is this running right here?" Bartiromo asked, pointing to people crossing the border. 
"This a family group that's just crossed," the agent replied. 
"A family group is just crossing while we're right here?" she asked in amazement. "Yes," the agent replied. 
The Border Patrol agents have them sit on the ground, at which point Bartiromo asked them what their plans were. 
"What were your plans? Where were you going to go?" she asked the pair. 
The illegal aliens were planning to go to Oklahoma City. The Hondurans were told back in their home country that if they got to the United States and successfully crossed that they would be allowed to stay.

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