Thursday, May 13, 2021

How Western Governments Implement Illegal "Laws"

From the Vlad Tepes Blog:

In last night’s Tucker Carlson (watch it fast before its pulled) he has a large number of insights and points we need to track. But one that struck me, and which he mentioned essentially en passant, struck home. 
It is a theme in both leftist US governments but certainly in Trudeau’s Canada and Merkel’s Germany, Macron’s France etc. And it is the strategy of skipping the legislative step of enacting odious laws which no citizen would tolerate, and proposing them so people are kind of softened up to the idea, then enacting them through regulatory agencies, or creating activist Government operated NGOs (GONGOS) and funding them to be effective police of the new fiat-law and enforcers. Much like ANTIFA is for certain aspects of the revolution. 
In Canada, M-103, the law that protects only Muslims from having their religion criticized, Trudeau funded leftist and Islamic groups millions to act on it, even though it didn’t make it into law. Tucker touches on that in terms of the Green New Deal in the US. 
Pay attention to that part. In a way its the most important part of the show, as it is the key to how leftists undermine all of democracy itself, including its regulatory agencies and institutions.

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