Friday, October 10, 2008

Feds Investigate County Sheriff For Saying Obama's Middle Name

They're investigating him for Ethics Violations

Obama's Brown Shirts 
Are Marching 
On Your Right
To Free Speech

Earlier this week, Lee County Shereff Mike Scott referred to the Junior Senator from Illinois as Barack HUSSEIN Obama and now he is being investigated for ethics violations. FOR SAYING THE GUY'S MIDDLE NAME. If the Senator doesn't like his middle name, he should go to court and change it.

Will settle whether Sheriff Scott violated federal act
By Rachel Myers
Federal and state investigations into allegations that Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott acted illegally or unethically by speaking at a political rally while on duty and in uniform could take weeks - or possibly months - to complete.
Scott has denied any wrongdoing after he referred to the Democratic presidential candidate by his full name, Barack Hussein Obama, at a rally for Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on Monday.
Critics say that by doing so, Scott implied Obama is a Muslim. Obama, who is named for his Kenyan father, is a Christian.


Damien said...


Politically correctness is stupid.

Always On Watch said...

I was waiting for this to happen.

In fact, I predicted it.

Bosch Fawstin said...

What an absolute punk.

Amphiaraos said...

In the U.S. is it mandatory that the names of candidates for public office appear in full on ballot papers? Will voters have to choose between John Sidney McCain and Barrack Hussein Obama? Or between John McCain and Barrack Obama? Or John McCain and, simply, Obama?

Anonymous said...

What a bullsh!t!

If HUSSEIN is elected, America will have a pharaonic dictatorship and it won´t be pretty!

Pharaonic is not always pretty, you know.

Female pharaonic circumcision
See it here:

Anonymous said...

I think McCain needs to realize he's in a bizarro campaign and start playing by the bizarro rules. He should come out and say that Obama is charging the sheriff for saying his name because he's ANTI-MUSLIM... Something along the lines of: he hates Muslims so much he can't even bare the sound of his own middle name...

On a side-note (I know I've said it before): In the span of one election y'all have surpassed us Canadians as the most wack'd out country in North America!

Then again, our "political debates" consist of 4 commis + the moderator ganging up on the only sane guy in the room (also the only guy who can add/subtract, judging by the commis platforms)...


Anonymous said...

With hope a swirling down the drain
Obama needs to change the game
Call up some pals and shoot for Spain?
Or hand his dreams to John McCain