Friday, October 10, 2008

Forging a New Tool

I loaned the DVD, Obsession, to a woman I work with last week. I brought up the subject by telling her that someone sent out 28 million copies of the movie. That really impressed her and made her want to see the movie.

I loaned her the movie, and the very next day, she got one of the free ones in her mail (not in her newspaper, which is how I thought they were being delivered). She brought it in for me to see. And by the way, she and her boyfriend watched it and were blown away by it. There are two more voters who will not be susceptible to taqiyya any longer.

When I looked at the free version, I thought, "Now here's something I could really use!" It is flat, small, and is basically like a brochure you open up with a DVD inside. On the brochure/case it says, "How Can You Help Fight Radical Islam?" And it gives four ideas and URLs. On the other side are quotes by authorities saying the DVD is worth watching.

The whole thing is a great little package. My wife said, "They should make these available to buy in packets of ten so we could share them with people."

What a great idea. I would love to be able to buy these in bulk to give away, if they were fairly inexpensive. And why wouldn't they be? They're already giving them away.

So I wrote to both the Clarion Fund and also and urged them to make these DVD/brochures available in packs of ten or a hundred, or alternatively, to provide a service we could pay for that would send these to particular people.

I have found Obsession the easiest of all the DVDs to share because of the title. It is not offensive right off the bat to people who know nothing about Islam. And it has better production-values than my favorite DVD, Islam: What the West Needs to Know.

And in this new shorter version in a smaller package, it is even more shareable. It seems like a smaller commitment. It seems it would be easier for people to accept, and the brief information in the brochure-like "case" makes it even more so.

If you would like these to be available in packs of ten or fifty or a hundred, please join me in requesting it. Contact either or both of these places to urge them to make the packs available to the general public:
Tel: 888-610-2221
Tel: 646-308-1230
Tell them who you are. Let them know you are influential, you're an active participator in this fight, you run a blog, you do a radio show, or whatever else you can tell them to convince them you're worth listening to. Let's get this tool available to us.


Anonymous said...

I sent Tom Trento, chairman of Watch Obsession.Org a copy of this post and mentioned that I would be interested in personally distributing these DVD's should they become available at a nominal cost as well.

Great idea!


Citizen Warrior said...


And thank you.

Anonymous said...

CW, here is the response I received from Tom Trento:

Great news on the “converts” after Watching Obsession! That is happening all over America.

Regardless of what happens on November 4, this Obsession Project has created a movement where Americans are waking up to radical, militant, islam and getting active to respond in a proper fashion. We will be working hard all through 2009 to maximize the impact the DVD distribution has made.

We can use you help!

The DVD, Obsession has been distributed in a variety of formats, one of which is the “brochure-like” mailer that you reference. There were millions of those mailed to homes all over the United States. Millions were inserted into newspapers and magazines, in another format. Then 10’s of thousands of others have been and are being distributed by hand, all over the country.

The particular format you like has been exhausted, but I have some DVD’s in full packaging and will send you whatever you believe you can get out over the next 25 days. We want them to have an impact.

Let me know and you will get them to you a day later at no cost!

Keep fight the fight and do not get discouraged. Your efforts are not in vain!

(Pasto has my e-contact
info if you would like
further details)

Citizen Warrior said...

Wow, what a great offer, and what incredibly good news about their commitment to keep sending DVDs to people.

They may have run out for now of the other ones, but they can always order more.

Citizen Warrior said...

I have Tom Trento's email address, and I am going to request fifty, and promise him I'll distribute them in 25 days through my personal network.

I encourage the rest of you to do the same. This is Tom Trento's contact information:

Tom Trento
2200 4th. Ave. N. #3
Lake Worth, FL. 33461

W: 561-582-1424
F: 561-582-7675
C: 561-767-0982

Citizen Warrior said...

I've already heard back from Tom Trento. My fifty DVDs are on their way to my home.

He also said:

"Check out my web site and the recent addition of - JIHAD IN OHIO. Be sure to check out the ad we ran in an Ohio newspaper and watch the video I just did that details the JIHAD IN OHIO!"

His web site is: