Friday, October 10, 2008

UK: Xenophobic British Government Oppresses Muslims

Council workers sacked over jobless Afghan mother of seven who got £1.2million council house

Million dollar quote:

It is much smaller than our house in Afghanistan. Some of the rooms in England we would not even put our chickens in because they are so small.

I hope I have not posted a "racist" image to illustrate this story.



Anonymous said...

It shows England is overcrowded.

Pastorius said...

With what? Chickens?

Anonymous said...

Small houses, tiny rooms.

Damien said...


That's a picture of somewhere in England? It looks like a third world country.

Anonymous said...

Damien - the linked article provides the actual image of the £1.2million council house (mansion). The quote comes from the Afghani family living in the newly renovated mansion.

Read some of the comments at the end of the linked article to grasp the exasperation of the average Brit.

With nuLabor instituting programs like this . . .it's no wonder the BNP's political weight is rapidly expanding. The Tories (sp?) have been moving slowly to the right center . . .too slowly . . . .they better move much more quickly because reports like this will end in bloodshed all too soon.

Anonymous said...

yeah england is over crowded.