Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BRITAIN: UKIP Set To Be The Main Anti-Islamization Party As Lord Pearson Takes The Helm…….

From Vlad Tepes Blog:

The right man to steer a steady course

The BNP are socialists, so it’s only to be expected that their political history would include Holocaust denial and racist politics, that part of the socialist baggage, Fascism and racist politics, go hand in hand with Marxist socialism. Adolf Hitler was borrowing heavily from Marx and other intellectuals who helped to shape communist poltical theory.

So after the BNP burst onto the front and center stage, claiming to be the only party serious about immigration, there now arises another, the UKIP, which will in short time, make hash of the BNP and become the party to set the tone on how the debate over immigration and Islamization will be framed. It’s about time. KGS

UKIP: Daily Express Hits Nail on Head

Columnist Patrick O’Flynn of the Daily Express, has penned a considered analysis of the furore surrounding the BNP, discounting the party as serious political player and nominating UKIP as the main anti-immigration force.

Under the headline ‘UKIP and not the BNP will become the main anti-mmigration party’ he wrote on Sautrday:

As the dust settle over the BBC stiudios in West London, ther are two key things to be taken from Question Time.

First, there is a massive gap in the market for a non-racist party that is against further mass immigration and ready to resist Islamo-facism. Second, Nick Griffin’s BNP is not it.

Griffin’s monstrous ideological baggage – his fraternising with the Ku Klux Klan, his Holocaust denial, his other odious past uttterances – was exposed in front of a huge TV audience. He proved unable to discard any of it and thus the appeal of him and his party will remain extremely limited in a country whose finest hour came with the defeat of Nazi Germany. But when the discussion moved on to Labour’s lax and deceitful immigration policy, it was clear the political elite was in trouble.

Jack Straw waffled to no avail, while Lib-Dem Chris Huhne postured as a migration sceptic rather than state his party’s real belief in open borders. For the Tories Baroness Warsi did better, acknowledging that Labour’s lying about the scale of the influx and refusal to limit it was having a drastic effect on people’s lives and proposing a cap on numbers.

But the Tories will not say what the cap should be or how it would be enforced given that Britain has singed international agreements that limit its control over its borders and that would not be torn up by David Cameron. Anyone from the EU can come and live here, anyone can claim asylum and remain for years while their case is considered. And the Conservatives, remember, are pressing for 72 million Muslim Turks to be admitted into the EU and thus gain an incontrovertible right to settle in Britain.

So who can fill the gap? The obvious candidate is UKIP. In the past it has been seen as a single issue, anti-European pressure group. But its likely new leader Lord Pearson is keen to broaden its agenda to highlight public concern over immigration and Islamism.

In the past its members have been smeared as “fruitcakes and closet racists”. But it has never been a racist party and has always had a substantial ethnic minority membership. All the “mainstream” parties have stated that the BNP is uniquely abhorrent because of the racial bias of its outlook. If any try to smear UKIP in future it will rebound on them.

Read it all here.

Here's what Wiki has to say about Lord Pearson:

Malcolm Everard MacLaren Pearson, Baron Pearson of Rannoch (born 20 July 1942) is a British businessman and United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) member of the House of Lords.

Educated at Eton College, Pearson is chairman of the Pearson Webb Springbett (PWS) Group of reinsurance brokers, which he founded in 1964. He was made a life peer on 18 June 1990 as Baron Pearson of Rannoch, of Bridge of Gaur in the District of Perth and Kinross, sitting as a Conservative.

Pearson is a euro-sceptic of long standing.[1] In May 2004, he called for voters to back the UK Independence Party (UKIP). Along with three other Conservative peers, he was then expelled by the Conservative Party on 30 May. He subsequently said that he would probably sit as an "independent Conservative". He threatened to quit the Conservatives to join UKIP, which he did on 7 January 2007,[2] along with Lord Willoughby de Broke.[3] He criticised the Conservative Party's leadership for being "silly" and argued that they should try to get UKIP members back into the fold by adopting more anti-European Union policies themselves. He has tabled a number of unsuccessful bills in the House of Lords demanding Britain's immediate withdrawal from the European Union. In November 2006 he tabled the European Union (Implications of Withdrawal) Bill[4] which called for the establishment of a Committee of Inquiry into the implications of UK withdrawal from the European Union. Also, he joined the United Kingdom Independence Party sometime afterwards, citing David Cameron's refusal to tell the British people about the disadvantages they suffer because Britain is a member of the EU.

He is also the co-founder of an anti-EU think-tank, Global Britain, which has campaigned against alleged pro-EU bias at the BBC.[5]

He is a strong supporter of the pro-hunting Countryside Alliance, serving as chairman of its deerstalking committee.

Pearson has been married three times: to Francesca Frua de Angeli in 1965, with whom he had one daughter and whom he divorced in 1970; to the Hon. Mary Charteris in 1977, with whom he had two daughters and whom he divorced in 1995; and to Caroline St Vincent Rose in 1997.

In February 2009, Lord Pearson further courted controversy when he and right-wing cross-bencher Baroness Cox invited Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders to show the anti-Islam film Fitna before the House of Lords.[6] However, Wilders was prevented from entering the UK on the instructions of the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith.[7] In response, Pearson and Cox accused the Government of "appeasing" militant Islam.[8]

In September 2009 Pearson announced his candidacy to replace Nigel Farage as leader of UKIP.[9]


Pastorius said...

I'm going to start deleting all of your comments, because you just keep posting the exact same words over and over.

You're not actually commenting, nor are you trying to add to the conversation.

Anonymous said...

UKIP's main support is in the South of England and is composed mostly of renegade Tory voters. The BNP's support is in the North and Wales and is composed of renegade Labour voters.

Whichever party wins out will depend on whether the South or the North gets more pissed off with its habitual representatives than how UKIP and the BNP compete with one another.

The indications so far are that Labour is losing control of its rustbelt post-industrial Northern and Welsh heartlands.

The Daily Express will boost UKIP because it's stance has always been high-Tory and anti-European.

Anonymous said...

By the way, something highly significant has happened in Britain which doesn't seem to have been picked up by the American bloggers.

A former goverment spin-doctor Andrew Neather has admitted that Labour have allowed millions of (mostly Muslim) immigrants into Britain for reasons of party-political advantage and ideological supremacy, rather than for the benefit of the country.

This has enraged many working class people. The effects can be seen by looking at the BNP website's Alexa ranking graph.

Ukip's Alexa ranking compares very unfavourably.

Pastorius said...

Anonymous said...

By the way, something highly significant has happened in Britain which doesn't seem to have been picked up by the American bloggers.
A former goverment spin-doctor Andrew Neather has admitted that Labour have allowed millions of (mostly Muslim) immigrants into Britain for reasons of party-political advantage and ideological supremacy, rather than for the benefit of the country.

I'm pretty sure we blogged on that here.


I knew about it. If we did not post on it, then we were remiss.

jeppo said...

I hope it's true that UKIP take a hard line against immigration and Islamization. But I suspect that this Lord So-And-So is just another milquetoast establishment figure.

The best solution IMO would be for the UKIP and BNP to merge into a single entity, call it the British Independence Party. Right now they're eating each other's lunch electorally, splitting the right wing vote and allowing the 3 establishment parties to win seats they would otherwise lose to a united UKIP-BNP.

Can't remember the exact numbers, but in the recent Euro elections the UKIP and BNP combined won 15 seats. I calculated that a single merged party would have won 21 seats instead.

And their chances are far worse in the first-past-the-post system used to elect the Westminster Parliament. It's doubtful that either party could win even a single seat right now. But combined, the UKIP-BNP could win dozens or scores of seats and possibly hold the balance of power after the next election.

Or maybe they could agree not to compete with each other in each constituency: UKIP would run in the suburbs and countryside, targeting the Tories, while the BNP would run in the inner cities targeting Labour.

But unfortunately they'll probably wait until after they're both trounced at the polls and left seatless at the next election before they get serious about a merger.

Damien said...


This sounds like it might be good news.

Pastorius said...

Maybe, but I'm not so sure.

We can hope, I guess.

Damien said...


Speaking of good news, did you get my last email?

Anonymous said...

The UKIP is only a conservative spin off funded by people within the conservative party in an attempt to lessen the impact of the BNP, so nothing her to rejoice over

Anonymous said...


this lord-so-and-so, as far as it was reported on the news, was the person who invited geert wilders to uk (and then geert wilders was stopped at the airport...).