Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kent, CT Town Official: "Feelings" of Muslims More Important than Truth

There is an appalling story up now on FOX news about a Kent, Connecticut, man whose request that any town memorial to his son James, killed at age 23 in the north tower of the WTC on 9/11/01, include the words "Murdered by Muslim terrorists" has been turned down because, in the words of selectman Ruth Epstein, "We perceive ourselves as a very warm, loving town... we have at least one Muslim family living here with children and it... would be just awful to have them see something like that." Apparently it means nothing to this craven unctuous collaborationist bitch that Peter Gadiel had to watch his son burn or fall to his death from the Cantor-Fitzgerald offices on the 103rd floor of the WTC. There was nothing "just awful" about that. The "warm and loving" town of Kent does not extend its warmth and love to a grieving father, but prefers to protect the sensibilities of those whose co-religionists murdered his son.

If the "one Muslim family" in Kent had any class they would support Mr. Gadiel's request or at the very least appear in person at the selectmen's meeting to either acknowledge or deny their support of the actions of their fellow Muslims. It is the refusal of the vast majority of "moderate Muslims" to do so that has led to Mr. Gadiel's request.

Father of 9/11 Victim Fights to Have 'Murdered by Muslim Terrorists' Inscribed on Son's Memorial
by Douglas Kennedy

KENT, Conn. — Peter Gadiel wants everyone to remember his son, James, who was killed during the September 11 terrorist attacks. And he also wants people to remember how he died: "Murdered by Muslim terrorists."

For Gadiel, any tribute to his son would be woefully incomplete without those words.

"I think it's important, because I think there's a nationwide effort to suppress the identity of the people who were involved in the attacks," Gadiel told Fox News. Eight years ago, 23-year-old James Gadiel worked for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 103rd floor of the World Trade Center. He died when a hijacked plane crashed into the North Tower.

For years, Gadiel's hometown of Kent, Conn., has wanted to honor the young man with a memorial plaque next to its town hall. But the tribute has hit a snag because James' father wants to include the phrase, "Murdered by Muslim terrorists," under his son's name. For Peter Gadiel, it is a central fact of the Sept. 11 attacks
that is often left out.

"It isn't just overlooked, it's suppressed," Gadiel said. "It's simply wrong to imply that people just died. The buildings didn't just collapse, they didn't just fall down — they were attacked by people with a specific identity, a specific purpose."

Town officials call the phrase too controversial for a small town memorial, and they recently voted against erecting the plaque if Gadiel insists on the language.

"We perceive ourselves as a very warm, loving town," said Ruth Epstein, a Kent selectman and one of two town leaders to vote the plaque down. "To disparage any one ethnic group is just against everything that we stand for here." Epstein noted that other Sept. 11 memorials, like the one at the Pentagon, don't mention Muslim terrorists, and she said she does not want to alienate any members of her small and close-knit community.

"We have at least one Muslim family living here with children and it — it would be just awful to have them see something like that," Epstein told Fox News.

But for Gadiel, it's an important message that he insists be present on any tribute to his son.

"Muslims have to acknowledge that it was their co-religionists who committed this act in their name," he said. "I am offended that unlike so many others, they refuse to acknowledge that it was their people who did this."


Anonymous said...

Tell the town leader that there is a difference in Muslims and muslim terrorist. So therefore that should not offend the good group of Muslims located within the township. I think Mr. Gadiel should get the plaque honoring his Son. --Keith , Tn

revereridesagain said...

We lost 3 people from my town and none of the memorials refer to Muslims or Islam either. I think Mr. Gadiel is trying to get some acknowledgment of the actual circumstances of the murder of his son, and Ms. Epstein is an example of the sort of people who won't allow any recognition of the truth. He is also pointing out that the Muslims in this country with some remarkable exceptions have refused to acknowledge the role of Islamic belief in the 9/11 atrocity. Sometimes you've just got to be a squeaky wheel.

Anonymous said...

"To disparage any one ethnic group..."

Okay, since when is Islam or Muslims an ethnic group? What the HELL(!!!) is wrong with these morons?

"We have at least one Muslim family living here with children and it — it would be just awful to have them see something like that,"

"Of course, and who cares Mr. Gadiel if your son died. We only care about Muslims' sensibilities. You and your dead son can both go screw themselves because Muslims are, at the end of the day, who we want to make happy. We only have one family here that's Muslim but they matter more than 3000 dead Americans! Remember, Mr. Gadiel, its not the constitution but Muslims that rule you and your wishes! Have fun bending over backwards with us for these peace-loving Muslims who just happened to murder your son."

Lev said...

"I think it's important, because I think there's a nationwide effort to suppress the identity of the people who were involved in the attacks"

So the alternative headline is "Crazy Man Fails To Get Crazy Idea Endorsed By Local Government".

Something which 10 out of 10 Americans who can't name the capital of Canada can agree on.

Anonymous said...


What the heck are you talking about?

revereridesagain said...

See, this is why I don't go to town and selectmen's meetings and such because if I run into some rhymes with runt like Epstein I'll wind up re-creating John Greenleaf Whittiers's Poem Skipper Ireson's Ride.

WTF? Just look it up. You won't be sorry.

Damien said...
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Damien said...

Revere Rides Again,

This may not be the worst instance of political correctness. Still it shows an unwillingness to say what the enemy is.

revereridesagain said...

Oh, hey, the idiot female minister at one of our historic churches invited a local imam and his wife to come lecture us about the decadent American evils such as Monica Lewinsky 3 weeks after 9/11 and less than 100 ft. from the home of a doctor who had been aboard one of the planes. Now THAT is PC run amok.

Pastorius said...

When are good Muslims going to stand up against the Muslims terrorists anyway?

Waiting eight years now, and still there is no demonstrable movement by decent Muslims.

Almost as if there just aren't that many decent Muslims, which is hard to believe, except for the evidence of their silence.

Damien said...


I wish I knew the answer to your question. But it appears a majority of them won't any soon. There are few who are such as Muslims Against Sharia, but they are in the minority. Non Muslims are the ones who are going to have to fight Islamitatization. We won't be able to rely on anti Jihad, ant sharia, Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Freaking unbelievable!!! Mr. Gadiel is absolutely right when he says no one wants to acknowledge who killed his son.

People like Epstein are Muslim sympathizers.

Epaminondas said...

If he had been strung up by the KKK how fast would they have chiseled 'murdered by christian terrorists' into the gravestone?

Reality is what it is. It has no feelings. If the muslim family FEELS bad, and they might, a personal and or public expression of regret and disgust towards the murderers would be exculpatory for them, and cathartic for all.

SHAME FOR THE WHOLE TOWN instead? If I were the dad I'd park my car with a big sign in front of the guy's HOUSE after 5 every day, and then move it to town all all day.

Lev said...

@Avenging Apostate said...
"Lev, What the heck are you talking about?"

Have you never seen one of those comedy shows where they have no problem finding parades of Americans who are clueless about basic unhidden facts like this?

Yeah well every one of those idiots knows and can tell you that the 9/11 hijackers were muslims.

There hasn't been a piece of information this unsuppressed in the US since word got out of what team Michael Jordan played for.

Lev said...

Robert Spencer at JihadWatch drives the point home that there is nothing which involves 9/11 which you can possibly have a rational thought about....

"Would a plaque reading "murdered by Nazis" on a soldier's grave in 1943 be opposed on the grounds that it would be offensive to Germans?"

No Bobby, that'd be on the grounds of redundancy you're thinking of.

Well, if you had actually thought before writing something so ridiculous. Maybe think of the millions of WW2 graves and war memorials in existence, none of which require such a statement.

The phrase "because it exploded" being absent from the Challenger Disaster memorial is a tribute to the non-retard status of the population, not something intended to make combustible chemicals happy.

Pastorius said...

Avenging Apostate lives in the UAE. I doubt he sees a whole lot of American TV.

Anyway, your point about redundancy would be a good one except for the fact that it has not really become a generally accepted PUBLIC fact that Muslims are at war with us.

It was a generally accepted PUBLIC fact that Nazis were at war with us.

The fact that Muslims are at war with us still has to be discussed at relatively obscure websites like Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, and this little one here.

Major journalists (Krauthammer notwithstanding) do not generally acknowledge that Muslims are at war with us.

Do you agree? Or do you disagree?

Do you, by the way, live in Canada, or some country other than the US? Is it possible that you simply are not aware of the media zeitgeist?

You know that Spencer had the Dhimmi Watch site for good reason, right?

The Daily Retard said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! I am gonna link to your article from my blog, I got so fucking mad watching the story I HAD to include it in a post.

Also, where did you get that "parental advisory" gif in your sidebar? I simply MUST have that!!!

Anonymous said...

MASH message for Peter Gadiel:

Dear Mr. Gadiel,

You said: "Muslims have to acknowledge that it was their co-religionists who committed this act in their name." We couldn't agree with you more. Please know that there are Muslims who are disgusted with Kent officials' cowardice. Without acknowledging what happened on 9/11, there is no way forward. Germany acknowledged the Holocaust and other atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis in WWII and Germans became a better people for it. We would like to add our voices to your demand that "Murdered by Muslim terrorists" be added on your son's memorial plaque.


Muslims Against Sharia


Pastorius said...

Muslims Against Sharia,
I wish your organization was as well-funded and had as many members as organizations like CAIR and the ISNA.

Anonymous said...

And you think we don't? :)

For some reason Wahhabi money bags from Persian Gulf don't seem to get on board with our reforms. I truly don't understand why!

But seriously, the fact that our government is in bed with CAIR & ISNA and completely ignores us or others like us is very disturbing.

Pastorius said...

It's not surprising that Obama ignores you, but it is surprising that Bush ignored people like you.

I don't know if it was ignorance, or what.

Anonymous said...

Bush administration did a terrible job fighting domestic Muslim extremists, but with Obama in the White House it got even worse. It is ignorance that stems out of PCBS and bureaucratic laziness.