Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Jihad Watch provides info from Jamal Jivanjee on how this ludicrous deal came about to get Rifqa Bary back to Ohio, after another lawyer working for her dishonest father worked out a corrupt deal:
Well, in order to have the immigration issue go away for Rifqa's parents, Mohammad Bary's attorney, David Colley, cut a 'behind the scenes' deal in which the Florida court would drop the contempt of court issue regarding their immigration situation in exchange for an assurance that they would leave Rifqa alone and let her stay in foster care for the next 9 months until she is 18. This sounded like it was too good to be true, and it was! As soon as Rifqa was transferred into Ohio custody and the Florida court gave up their emergency jurisdiction over Rifqa and the immigration issue, Rifqa's parents fired their own attorney that made the deal! Simply put, now that Rifqa was in 'favorable' hands in Ohio, all deals are off!

In my opinion, this was all part of a premeditated plan on the part of Rifqa's parents and the organization called C.A.I.R. who has been advising them according to the Florida department of law enforcement report released to the public.

They have since hired a Muslim activist attorney named Omar Tarazi that is no doubt influenced by the mafia like C.A.I.R. organization whose sole agenda is to paint a positive picture of Islam in America at any cost. (The slander of the Lorenz family and the slander of 17 year old Rifqa's own character by releasing her prayer journals to the media are perfect examples of how C.A.I.R. ruthlessly operates to accomplish their agenda.)
As far as I can tell, some really stupid steps were taken here, and even her own defense reps may have acted poorly. Read the entire post for more on how she may not even have proper communications access, and also go here and here to contact the children's services in Franklin County and the governor's office.


Anonymous said...

Infidels trusting Muslims and then getting stabbed in the back? OH THAT'S UNHEARD OF!

revereridesagain said...

Is anyone else having trouble accessing ATLAS? The site comes up for about 5 seconds then I get a "did not match any documents" message.

Anonymous said...

I can't access it at all!

revereridesagain said...

Gave Strickland's media flack's office an emailfull. Don't know if pointing out that if anything should happen to Rifqa it will be hard getting to the office through the sidewalks full of demonstrators and FOX News cameras, but hey, can't hurt.

Pastorius said...

Thanks for doing that RRA.

That was a good idea.

Post the email in a post here at IBA, so all of us can send this Strickland and email.

Epaminondas said...

please post it
The justice system is a TOOL to these people

revereridesagain said...

OK, it's pretty snippy but you know me. I sent it to . Figure the media flack is more likely to a) see the emails and b) get bent out of shape and go bitching to the gov. These people apparently assume they can just keep tossing this grenade around and it will never go off in their faces. I hope it won't either -- I just wanted to remind them what they will see on their doorsteps if it does.

Anonymous said...

American justice Post 9/11

"911 dispatch, please state the nature of your emergency"

"It's me Rifqa, Rifqa Bary. They're dead."

"Who is dead, Ma'am?"

"My family, they're all dead. I killed them."

"Alright, remain calm, we're sending someone over to you."

"They're like animals, and I killed them like animals..."

"... Ma'am?"

"First they took my eye... "

"And then they tried to violate my freedom to think and believe what my own conscience would have me believe..."

"That's a dishonorable thing to do to a human being in a country that prides itself on its freedoms, don't you think?"

"The police officer's we dispatched should be arriving any moment ma'am. Please try to stay calm."

"I even tried to get help - you know, to get assistance through the proper, I mean through the usual legal channels... the courts..."

"I had to protect myself, right? I mean I couldn't just wait around for them to kill me first... Do you understand?"

"The officers are just outside your door now ma'am. Please set the phone down, and go and let them in."

"Yes, yes I can hear them now. Thank you... and thanks for listening."

Epaminondas said...

"I had to protect myself, right? I mean I couldn't just wait around for them to kill me first... Do you understand?"

Does the name Bernard Goetz ring a bell?

In the eyes of WHAT IS PROVABLE under the law, this wouldn't even make it to that level a prosecutor with 'social justice' on his mind.

She'd be screwed.

The call would have to say they had attacked her RIGHT THEN, and she'd have to have some kind of proof.