Thursday, October 22, 2009

Honor Killing in Arizona?

Father Runs Over Daughter For Being Too "Westernized"

PEORIA, Ariz. (CBS/AP) Police believe a 20-year-old girl was run over in a Phoenix suburb because she had become too "Westernized." And the man they suspect was behind the wheel was her own father, an Iraqi immigrant.

Police say 48-year-old Faleh Hassan Almaleki of Glendale allegedly ran his daughter over Tuesday at an Arizona Department of Economic Security parking lot in Peoria.

The victim, Noor Faleh Almaleki, who lives in Surprise, Az., a Phoenix suburb, remains hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

A second woman, 43-year-old Amal Edan Khalaf suffered non-life threatening injuries. Police say the women are roommates.

Cynthia Diaz, who witnessed the crash, said Noor Almaleki was unconscious and bleeding from the nose; however, Khalaf was able to communicate.

"I asked her specifically, 'Do you know who did this?'" Diaz said to CBS Affiliate KPHO. "She said yes and she gave a name."

Police said Faleh Almaleki was last seen driving a gray or silver 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee with license plate No. ADS-9192.


Anonymous said...

The title "Honor Killing in Arizona" implies she died from her injuries. Last I read, she had life threatening injuries. Has she passed since yesterday?

Damien said...


The father needs to be made to pay severally for what he did.

Total said...

No, thankfully the young woman is still alive, although in critical condition. Let's pray that she survives and recovers fully from her injuries.

Damien said...


That's good to hear. We should also hope that the father is prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Total said...

I have no doubts that the father will be caught. The good news is that the crime occured in Maricopa County, which (as many of us know) is under the jurisdiction of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, popularly known as America's toughest Sheriff. If caught, I assure you Sheriff Joe will make sure that this fiend will be punished as much as the law permits (and potentially even more).

Damien said...


I've heard of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, he's the one who makes the inmates ware pink underwear. Oh he'll have "fun" in his prison.

Damien said...

I hope Sheriff Joe makes him miserable.

Epaminondas said...

If this story is correct, American justice will never be just.

7 years or less, serving about 4.

Just watch.