Saturday, October 24, 2009

John Holdren Does Not Support Forced Abortions, etc. But....


Damien said...


I'm glad you got my email.

Pastorius said...

Yeah, thanks.

This is a good video with a lot of important info, but it sure is long and boring.


Damien said...

You're welcome Pastorius! I have something else you might want to see, especially since Obama has yet to fire Dalia Mogahed. I'll send it to you in another email.

revereridesagain said...

Can't make up their minds, can they? Back then it was "population explosion" is going to kill us all, we need more power!! Now it's SWINE FLU'S GOING TO KILL US ALL WE NEED MORE POWER!!

"Family planning" is when mom says to dad or vice versa, "we are not trying to grow our own baseball team here" and they agree to take measures to try to adjust the number of children they will have.

"Population control" is where those in power kill people off and/or forbid people to decide they want more than one kid. In other words, some people assume the "right" to tell other people how many kids they will have.

Back a couple centuries, for many reasons, almost everyone wanted to have more kids. But there were "natural" forms of "population control". Millions died in plagues, many more women died in childbirth, infant and childhood mortality were through the roof, life expectancy was, what, half what it is today?

Came the 20th century and we got population control via war and genocide. In other words, by violating people's rights. Which is what forced abortion and sterilization via the water supply is.

The issue isn't population. The issue is power. Holdren may be hedging his bets on specific methods, but I doubt that his craving for power has changed much. He's just waiting for the right excuse.