Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The shambles in 10 months, the absolute chaos of Barack Obama

The stimulus which would stop unemployment before it exceeded the 8% range
The health care plan which is our moral duty
The health care plan which is written by FIVE SEPARATE ENTITIES so that all claims can be made and denied, and in which no one is responsible or accountable
The cap and trade bill to destroy indigenous energy supplies
The commitment to eliminate global warming
The takeover of private businesses because we need more govt
The control over pay
The czars who have no responsibility but to Obama, and have been told by him they will never be permitted to testify before congress
The petrified moderate democrats .. living in fear that the progressives are creating some new Reagan as the polls change
The disgusted progressive Jacobins who think those to their right are the enemies of the people and seditious
The use of racism to deflect real criticism
The printing of money with no end in sight
The end point of recovery STILL SEEN AS CONSUMERS SPENDING
The communists, Mao lovers, 1st amendment ignorers, ex terrorists, bigots, and true profit and property haters who are so sure they are right they energize everyone in opposition with all hairs on end.

The endless apologies
The frozen deer in the headlights over Afghanistan, quaking in the knowledge his choice will alienate 1/2 his supporters on all the other issues no matter what he does. Probably dooming health care
The abandonment of American security as an operative policy and it's replacement by 'engagement' which is designed to use the idea of talking points in a campaign as a s substitute for 'Nitzean' accomplishments
The accusations and slow abandonment of Israel and other American allies for being too inconvenient, and boring
The naive attitude about Iran, Russia and China
The naive placing of the office of president as a pitchman for Chicago real estate for Olympic marketing, WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING THE OUTCOME.

The parties and dinners as the rest of us struggle while he and his wife accept entitlement.
The smug attacks on critics

Since the end of January I have seen a complete shambles made of everything these people have touched, while they IMMATURELY AND CHILDISHLY continue to cling to the blame of those who came before.

It's an unbelievable moment.
Complete shambles..while the unions and other analistically involved morons slobber on.

UPDATE: Car bomb kills 100 in Pakistani city...
Lieberman says he'll filibuster Reid plan...
Consumer Confidence Fell in October From the Previous Month...
KINDA, SORTA: Gibbs Says Obama Getting Close To Decision On Afghan Strategy...
U.S. official resigns over Afghan war; No longer knows why his nation is fighting...

UN: US drone strikes may break international law...
Chicago to give bounties to turn in tax-cheating neighbors...
WASHINGTON TIMES: Top donors offered 'wide range of perks' since Obama took office...
Dem moderates challenge Reid on health care plan... *
Fla. Democrat calls Fed adviser 'K Street whore'... *
Barney Frank: 'We Are Trying On Every Front To Increase The Role Of Government'... *


Total said...

Meanwhile, Federal Authorities shot and killed the leader of a radical Islamist group in Dearbornistan, Michigan. As they say in the armed forces, "AMF" (Adios Motherfucker).

Epaminondas said...

holy schnikees!

Did this just happen?

Total said...

Yes, it happened a few hours ago (to my knowledge).

Pastorius said...

This is a great summary post, Epa.