Friday, October 23, 2009

Must be for the peace corps ..Muslim Brotherhood recruiting Sunnis for overseas

GERTZ - CAIRO -- Egyptian security sources said the Muslim Brotherhood has revived its international network by recruiting prominent Sunni clerics and politicians from the Levant, North Africa and the Gulf.

The sources said the recruitment took place in 2009 in wake of the Hamas war with Israel in the Gaza Strip.

"The Brotherhood has been working with Hamas and other groups to form an international network that would serve to pressure their governments to support jihad," a source said.

Islamist equivalent to Carville and Begala?

Egypt's state-controlled media have identified several leading Arabs as members of the Brotherhood network. They included cleric Awad Al Qarni, an Egyptian exile who has been living in Saudi Arabia. Al Qarni has denied the reports.

Leading Iraqi Sunnis have also been linked to the Brotherhood. They were said to include Sunni parliamentarians as well as the speaker.

No, I don't believe it!!! Jihadist, Qutb-ite people IN THE GOVT? Actually elected? By people?

In October, Egyptian authorities resumed their crackdown on the Brotherhood. The sources said at least 16 Brotherhood leaders were detained in an attempt to prevent regional elections by the movement.

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