Monday, October 26, 2009

I finally understand Obama's AfPak strategy

With the news of 14 dead Americans overnight, it finally dawned on me what Obama's war strategy is.

"Commit no act on the war
until reporters
get tired of questioning
and commenting about it.
Then do nothing
and blame the
on those who
got us into this 'mess' "

Yes, it has nothing to do with what happens on the ground there , or in reality with other govts around the world.

But this is not really about all that, after all.

THIS is really all about how Obama deals with it, how Obama feels about it, how Obama perceives it and how well or poorly 'manages' those who think they make opinion about it. IF you are Barack Obama or one of his advisers, and czars.

Obama is tree falling in the forest and he makes the only sound.

Why would he care about reality when perception counts more?
Why would he care about reality when it's all about him and how he is seen?
Why would he care about reality he can yak about people being critical because of how he 'holds the mop'?
Why would he care about reality when he can mold opinion with 'soaring rhetoric' about health care being a moral duty?

He is doing what he does best.

Voting present and controlling how voting present is being seen.

There's just one problem



Pastorius said...

You mean the Afgani Taliban and Al Qaeda insurgents aren't impressed by Obama's soaring rhetoric?

Don't tell him that. He might have a breakdown.

And then, what will we do?

revereridesagain said...

Why would he want to be someone who cares about reality? That's about the only "minority" that he does not want to be associated with. The "reality" Obama is focused on is the campaign to humble and incapacitate Western Civilization. He's as consciencious about pursuing that as he dares to be at any given time.