Saturday, October 31, 2009

Devil's Dance


revereridesagain said...

Quite a party in Salem, MA "Witch City" tonight. Looked like some sort of weird Victorian convention -- lots of Sweeney Todds, Willie Wonkas (Oompa-Loompas and all), Alices and Mad Hatters, Sherlocks, vampires galore, whole pirate crews, wenches of every description, lots of Joker faces, your basic generic witch (black dress, pointed hat, broom, cloak), and characters from all sorts of online games I don't have a clue about. Still a happy and festive crowd by the time I left and the cops were determined to keep it that way this year.

midnight rider said...

Ours wasn't quite so grand. My wife had her annual Halloween/Fall party for the neighborhood kids. 15 of them running around my yard and house decked out in their most devilish eating all my food and making lots of noise :)

Tonight lit the Council Fire despite light rain and handed out the candy from there, replete with appropriate music and marshmallows for the trick or treaters to toast as well. Of course the neighbors were there (saved on travel for the trick or treaters) handing out their candy, too, and drinking my beer. By the time we wrapped up around midnight thirty (ok, the kids were done by nine. couldn't waste a good fire) there were 22 around the fire. Didn't solve any problems but had a helluva good time.