Sunday, September 25, 2011

America Cultivating Muslim Minorities In Europe?

From Creeping Sharia:
...In what amounts to a significant but largely unreported shift in U.S. diplomacy, embassies are broadening their traditional focus on national elites and established leaders in politics, trade-unions and the like, and expanding the mix to include under-represented minorities. In France, this new focus has been dubbed by Rivkin as a “Minority Engagement Strategy” aimed at helping potential leaders in the Muslim banlieues learn the tools of U.S.-style democratic change.


...[T]he U.S. embassy has made no secret of its work: officials have relied on “an annual public affairs budget of $3 million” to sponsor or fund a large number of small-scale programs, including “urban renewal projects, music festivals and conferences.” They have “formed a network of partnerships with local governments, advocacy groups, entrepreneurs, students and cultural leaders in the troubled immigrant enclaves outside France’s major cities” – to coach them, support them and encourage them – with a view to turning cultural outsiders and social rebels into part of broadening French national elite.
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Anonymous said...

those americans are dangerous to the west!

ambassador reivik is a moron!