Friday, September 30, 2011

Paul calls Awlaki killing 'assassination' imagine what this gavone thinks of the 15th Prez

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is condemning the Obama administration for killing an American born al-Qaida operative without a trial.

Abraham Lincoln, John Merryman and Roger Taney, Ron.

Abraham Lincoln and Ex Parte Quinn

Abraham Lincoln and military tribunals

Abraham Lincoln and Clement Laird Vallandigham

Does Dr. Paul condemn Mr. Lincoln?


There are some people who follow logic right off the cliff. Others follow him. That’s called a suicide pact.

There are EXCEPTIONAL MOMENTS when practicality and the government’s PRIME REQUIREMENT TO PROTECT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE come first. This and Awlaki have converged.

It is literally exceptional.

It makes us all take notice, Dr. Paul.

But condemnation?

You are a fool.


cjk said...

Same reasoning which insists on classifying Mohammedanism as a protected religion under the First Amendment.

Epaminondas said...

Not quite.
It is one thing to kill a man who has ALREADY publicly advocated murders of americans, acted in the belief, and we have not only proof of it, but also the people so incited in is another to remove the freedom of religion of EVERYONE who calls god allah.

One is an unfortunate necessity the other becomes a convenience for the insecure.

Islam IS a religion. Punish those who advocate violence when violence occurs. That would be the board of directors of any religious institution where this happens, IRRESPECTIVE of the religion.

You think if Meir Kahane was advocating what Awlaki was, and got a bunch of freaked out jews to do what Hasan, the times square moron, and the crotch bomber did we wouldn't be happy to see him face off against a Hellfire?

Does that mean orthodox judaism is not a religion?

cjk said...

Mohammedanism does, has, and will advocate the dominance and or destruction of our nation PERIOD.

In effect it is far, far worse than any individual both historically, currently, and SCRIPTURALLY, it's own scripture.

People such as yourself would have us baby and coddle this vile evil all the way to what? 30% of the population? Then what?

Epaminondas said...

I would say a 15 million dollar settlement against a mosque, and against EACH INDIVIDUAL ON IT'S BOARD (I serve on such a board) fails to qualify as 'coddling'

It was enough to destroy Aryan Nation in ONE CASE.

cjk said...

Classifying an evil, imperialistic, totalitarian, enslaving movement bent on violent world conquest that masquerades as a religion; as a religion is enough for me.
As far as coddling goes, that supersedes everything else IMO.
Furthermore this is nothing new.
This enemy of mankind has not changed one IOTA since it's beginning in Arabia in the 7Th. century and formal organization in Baghdad in the 8Th/9Th.. centuries.

While the Aryan Nation may be overtly racist, it doesn't claim to be something it ain't nor does it threaten the very existence of the USA as a free nation.

Pastorius said...

It's a good thing I'm not the President, or Ron Paul would find out what a real political assassination was like.

Pastorius said...

Barack Obama has my permission to kill Ron Paul.

cjk said...

I did LOL at that second Ru Paul comment.

Pastorius said...

Very well put.


Anonymous said...

Agree but ... ahem ... 16th ...

Epaminondas said...

Paul is defining himself PERFECTLY:

so far right he is left.

which is to say...

LYNDON LAROUCHE - who went the other way