Sunday, September 25, 2011

Video: Obama Recruits for Civilian National Security Force in Front of Congressional Black Caucus

From Barrack Now:
It would appear that Mr. Barack Obama is more petulant than normal these days. Again, while speaking at the annual Congressional Black Caucus dinner, he exhorted the audience to take off their 'bedroom slippers' and 'put on their marching shoes.' This visible frustration exhibited by Obama is likely the culmination of many things: Fast and Furious, Solyndra, and LightSquared come to mind but it's also likely about the prospect of all the unions and people he's promised money to not getting what they think is coming to them.

His base is expecting to get paid and if they don't, Obama is toast. The threat of them not getting paid is quickly becoming a possible reality Obama is having to confront. The president of the United States is coming precariously close to calling for insurrection here. He also seems to be imploding before our very eyes. Fast forward to the 11:30 mark.

Barrack Now believes this video may be an example of Obama attempting to recruit for his "Civilian National Security Force". Click on the title above to get his take on that.


midnight rider said...

"Barrack Now believes this video may be an example of Obama attempting to recruit for his "Civilian National Security Force"."

Nah, not so much.

This is Obama trying to rally his badly eroding base. Using rhetoric he wants to sound similar to MLK Jr.

But, Barack, you are no MLK Jr.

You are nothing more than a 2nd or 3rd rate hack of average intelligence who happened to have someone help and coach you to say the right things so you could talk your way into a good job that you were totally unqualified for.

And when you got into that job you found the realities far different than what you thought they'd be dreamng about them in the months leading up to them. you realized all the idealism you thought would change this country just wasn't going to work. And yo have no clue what you're supposed to be doing now.

So you hide on the golf course or at fundraisers or take vacations and foreign trips to avoid having to deal with the tough issues you know you are unqualified for.

But now those who voted for you are starting to see you for what you really are, you third rate hack of average intelligence.

And now you have to try and keep your friends, your bosses as it were.

So just as you talked your way into the job now you are trying to talk to your bosses and convince them that it wasn't your fault all the Ts weren't crossed and the Is not dotted. Not you fault 2 plus 2 somewhow equalled 5. not your fault the checkbook wasn't balanced right. no no. It was someone else but NOW you know where the problem is and you can fix it if you just had a little more time. Please don't fire me. My wife has grown accustomed to her lifestyle.

People can read into what he says anyway they want. twist it around so that he is the ultimate bogeyman in the closet. Pam and Robert are good at this. Pam exceptionally so.

But when you apply the razor and strip away the bullshit the truth is much much simpler.

He is an inept bungler with questionable (at best) credentials who happened to look good in a suit and speak well. But he's barely fit to flip burgers and drop the fries at a McDonald's, let alone manage one.

Barack Hussein Obama is no Manchurian candidate sent to destroy America.

He is, largely helped by a complicit media, one of if not the greatest conmen ever played on the American people.

And that is all.

Pastorius said...

I agree.

He is certainly NOT an MLK.

And, he is no Manchurian Candidate.
And, I don't think he is recruiting for his Civilian Force.


I do think he is willing to do whatever he has to do to stoke the passions of his base to get them to vote for him, and that is what he is doing here. His speech was purposefully angry, belligerent, and appealing to age-old justifications for hatred.

midnight rider said...

Agreed. Kinda what I meant in the "Please don't fire me" paragraph.