Monday, September 26, 2011

Guards of Erdogan clash with UN guards

A brawl between 2 bad sides broke out at the UN building last Friday:
Security guards for Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan fought with UN guards at the annual UN summit last week when the Turkish leader tried to get in to see the historic Palestinian application speech.

One UN guard was taken to hospital, UN sources said on Monday. [...]

Erdogan had been at a meeting on a level above the UN General Assembly hall when he heard Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was about to give his speech to back the historic application.

According to the Turtle Bay blog on events at the United Nations, Erdogan rushed to get into the meeting but his entourage was told they could not use the exit they were trying to get through.

'The Turkish guards demanded that their president be allowed to pass and allegedly pushed the UN security guards. The UN guards pushed back and the Turks apparently began swinging,' Turtle Bay said.
They tried to keep quiet about this, but if it were a clash between UN and Israeli officials, don't be surprised if it did get publicized. What a most despicable bunch those Turkish delegates and their premier are, and the UN officials are no better.

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