Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Erdogan's WorldWarIII push - Cyprus Drilling: Tension High as “Piri Reis” Enters Block 12 

From Will at The Other News:
Tension is high around the drilling off shore of Cyprus as the Turkish research vessel Piri Reis has allegedly entered Block 12. Greek newspaper Proto Thema claims that Piri Reis entered the area of Block 12 where US company “Noble Energy” carries out natural gas research.  

The Piri Reis entered the area in the early morning hours on Tuesday and is accompanied by two warships, the frigate “Giresun” and the corvette “Bartin. The Turkish vessel sailed approximately 25 nautical miles northwest form the platform “Homer Ferrington” from where the drilling is carried out.

Should Piri Reis start research in the Block 12 is an action that violates the sovereignty of the Cyprus marine Exclusive Economic Zone, an EEZ that Nicosia set together with Israel and other neighbouring states.At the same time, Cyprus is performing a Search and Rescue exercise in the area with helicopters and ships.  

Odd enough Great Britain joined the exercise with one helicopter!

Cyprus + British S.A.R exercise on the way to Turkish Piri Peis ship today. Read NOTAM A0717/11 – SEARCH AND RESCUE EXERCISE WILL TAKE PLACE IN AREA BOUNDED BY: 344000N0330530E 343800N0331400E 342800N0331200E 342100N0325800E 342000N0325000E 343000N0325000E 343030N0330300E 343230N0330500E IN THE INTEREST OF FLIGHT SAFETY UNITS OTHER THAN THE PARTICIPATING HELICOPTERS ARE STRICTLY ADVISED NOT TO ENTER THE ABOVE AREA WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE NICOSIA ATC. SFC – 3000FT AMSL, 27 SEP 08:00 2011 UNTIL 27 SEP 12:00 2011. CREATED: 26 SEP 13:58 2011 (source: Greek journalist Ioanna Iliadi)
Of course, there is the question of what GB is doing down there right now. Maybe to press Nicosia AND Ankara for a drilling share in times where Cyprus, a former British colony, is dancing with USA and Israel? Diplomacy is a hard school… 
Why is Obama supporting Erdogan?

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