Thursday, January 14, 2021

Brett Weinstein Interviews Jeremy Lee Quinn On Events On the Ground January 6th

Timestamps: 00:00 Welcome Jeremy Lee Quinn to DarkHorse 00:57 Jeremy’s surprise 05:15 Should Jeremy have entered the Capitol? 09:50 Was Trump responsible for Capitol Insurrection? 11:18 Who went to the protests? 18:03 What does Jake Angeli (the Viking) believe? 22:07 Exchange with leftist journalist 22:48 Jeremy's position on COVID 24:35 Bret's position on COVID 25:41 COVID impact on the Capitol Insurrection 27:10 Response to Antifa with conspiracy theories 28:21 When BLM/Antifa meets Proud Boys 35:18 Confusion over who did what 37:15 Hidden story of the Capitol Insurrection 40:27 Same riots, different banners, pre-written journalism 44:03 How did people die? 46:48 Response of crowd to the press and Jeremy livestreaming 50:22 Did people simply walk in to the Capitol? 53:14 Grandmothers for Trump, "Camp Auschwitz", and selling shirts 57:45 Which groups were there? 01:00:25 Inside the Capitol building 01:02:26 Two types of anarchism 01:04:22 Confederate flag and freedom of speech 01:07:20 Differences between far right and left 01:10:01 Distrust of Big Tech by the right 01:13:29 Anarchism on the right and left 01:16:39 Incoherent world views 01:20:05 Villain Report & Jeremy debrief 01:21:43 BLM and Antifa differentiation 01:24:31 The right reacting to leftist riots 01:25:55 What Jeremy didn’t see – Activists creating the race narrative on Capitol Insurrection 01:27:30 CNN jumping on an outrage wave 01:34:49 Ibram X. Kendi stoking the flames of hate 01:40:20 Why were the police unprepared? 01:43:17 Where are we headed? 01:46:37 Bret’s pessimism then Jeremy calls for whisteblowers 01:47:47 The solution to the division 01:54:05 Jeremy’s interview with the Proud Boys 01:59:36 Platforming Proud Boys 02:01:48 The need to come together 02:05:35 Who wants us divided? 02:06:40 This wasn’t about race 02:09:34 Interviews with Capitol attendees 02:11:20 Bret responds to the complexity 02:12:45 All of the institutions are failing 02:14:32 Jeremy’s emotions and feelings when in the crowd 02:17:19 Jeremy is frustrated with Robert Evans 02:24:10 Wrap up


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