Sunday, March 21, 2021

Americans Will Not Comply


Try as I might, I can no longer see any way out of this mess we’re in except by what amounts to an open rebellion. I used to think voting would solve our problems until I witnessed our entire election process devolve into one massive, clusterfuck fraud with twenty million more votes cast than there are registered voters; and of course all those mysterious votes were cast for the demented Chinese, Deep State sock puppet who couldn’t even pull 100 people to any of his campaign rallies. 
The long range coup plans really weren’t against the government, but by the government against all real Americans. Exactly where are we at now in the great scheme of of all things takeover? Is it step five or eight? Who knows? Whomever is really calling all the shots has no intention of ever telling and perhaps it’s really not important because the’ve already succeeded in installing a brain dead, fossilized dinosaur in the White House to rubber stamp their laundry list of endless unconstitutional edicts. 
We are witnessing & living through what undeniably appears to be a total takeover of our country; and so far, we are only only the first 60 days in. It only makes it harder having to wake up each morning and wondering what new damage to America the new day will bring with Joe & Company. I also wake each morning wondering if that day could be America’s last because President Dumb Fuck is now our quarterback and carrying the nuclear football. 
To be honest, all of this national anxiety and total lack of any solid future in sight really weighs me down. Lies, lies and more damned fucking lies are the only things we get from this current cabal of cock sniffers who only want two things for themselves and their cronies: limitless money & power. They also really want a shit ton of us to feel helplessly trapped by this situation, but in reality we are not.


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