Monday, March 29, 2021

The Woker The American Military Gets, The More Belligerent The Chinese Military Gets


revereridesagain said...

Almost enough to make one miss the good ol' days when the weirdest thing the Army did was support a notorious Satanist cult leader and super-valuable PSYOP "black ops" specialist in trafficking defenseless women to scumbag politicians such as former KKK-bigwig Senator Robert Byrd. Look it up. Not "conspiracy theory". Wish I had the luxury of claiming it is.

So now it's the woke virtue signaling Critical Race Theory social justice "warriors" running our military into the ground and making it the laughingstock of every stinking dictatorship from Marxist to mullah-ridden Slaves of Allah variety all over the world? Be sure to thank your neighbors with the BIDET-HARASS and ONLYBLACKMARXISTLIVESMATTER lawn signs.

That whirring sound in the background is my dad turning in his grave at the military cemetery in Bourne, Marxachusetts.

Pastorius said...

Looked at from that perspective, maybe things are getting better.