Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Pew Research: Lockdowns Prompting Devastating Levels of ‘Psychological Distress’ Among Young People


Pew finds that an astounding 32 percent of young adults aged 18 to 29 report experiencing high levels of “psychological distress.” An additional 31 percent say they’ve experienced a medium level. Notably, women and lower-income are even more likely to have experienced serious psychological distress within this young subgroup. 
Meanwhile, 45 percent of respondents under 30 reported being “nervous, anxious or on edge” at least “occasionally or a moderate amount of time.” 
What’s the root cause of this widespread distress among young adults? Well, reports often attribute it to “the pandemic” or “COVID,” but in actuality, it’s largely attributable to the lockdown policies and government restrictions, not the virus itself. 
The death rate for members of this age group, approximately 18 to 29, is between .003% and .013%—a tiny sub-fraction of a percentage. So, it’s not the virus itself or fear of it, but primarily the deprivation of their lives and livelihoods that is dragging young Americans down.

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revereridesagain said...


Believe me, it's not just the kids. But people like me are at the other end, staring into the abyss that these young people have just seen open up. There are probably a lot more like me who somehow thought it could never happen until it did. Until we just found ourselves sitting for 30 minutes in a gymnasium full of other old people who have survived a year of lockdown and are obediently getting their shot and their passport.

The kids have all my sympathy and and I hope at least some of them will come to their senses and think back on all the crap they learned in high school and shake it off (to quote two songwriters at either ends of competence, depth and talent) and begin to fight for their lives.