Sunday, March 28, 2021

Let's See If This Phenomenon Becomes a Trend


revereridesagain said...

Life in Maskachusetts. If I were a business owner anywhere in one of these seasonal vacation areas I'd be living in fear. Perhaps they will finally begin to realize that the CCP VIRUS will never be "over", there will always be "new strains", there will always be a few dozen obese seniors with diabetes hospitalized with the thing, and there will always be an excuse for Charlie Baker or whichever RINO is elected governor next to shut everything down.

I'm thankful my parents don't have to deal with this. They're on the Cape but their address is the national military cemetery in Bourne. I haven't checked but it's likely the state has managed to interfere with funeral ceremonies there as well, alas.

Pastorius said...

They definitely interfered with Funeral Ceremonies here in California.