Monday, March 29, 2021

French philosopher Michel Foucault ‘abused boys in Tunisia’


The philosopher Michel Foucault, a beacon of today’s “woke” ideology, has become the latest prominent French figure to face a retrospective reckoning for sexually abusing children. 
A fellow intellectual, Guy Sorman, has unleashed a storm among Parisian “intellos” with his claim that Foucault, who died in 1984 aged 57, was a paedophile rapist who had sex with Arab children while living in Tunisia in the late 1960s.

Many other famous intellectuals of the time lived in Tunisia, Morocco, and other North African states:

Allen Ginsberg
William Burroughs
Paul Bowles

I'm sure there were more, but this is all I can recall off the top of my head.

Foucault appears to be the evil mind behind all this gender theory scientism which is damaging so very many children.

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Anonymous said...

No doubt, the guy was a monster. Contracted AIDS early on and made sure to spread it as widely as possible before he died of it.