Monday, March 22, 2021

If Biden's bunch is sabotaging Israel's relations with the UAE, that's obviously troubling

Lee Smith wrote on Tablet that it looks like fraud-in-chief Joe Biden and his staff are in the process of sabotaging the Abraham Accords:
Media reports on March 18 revealed that that the United Arab Emirates has suspended its plans for an Abraham Accords summit in Abu Dhabi with Israel, the United States, and other Arab signatories to the historic peace agreements brokered by the Donald Trump administration. Supposedly, the Emiratis are angry with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for using the UAE’s de facto leader Mohammed bin Zayed as a “prop in his election campaign.”

In fact, as the theme of “election interference” should make clear (the UAE doesn’t have elections), and as has been substantiated by Israeli reporting, the source of the upset isn’t in Abu Dhabi but in Washington. In other words, the Biden administration is interfering in Israel’s upcoming election by strong-arming the Emiratis into publicly distancing themselves from Bibi.
This is entirely possible, and what makes it bad is that as a result, relations with the UAE could be damaged, after all the trouble Donald Trump went to in order to get the Abraham Accords worked out in the first place. Another example of the dismal downhill cascade the US now finds itself on.

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