Monday, March 22, 2021

ANTIFA’s role in all this, is to be the police where Marxist law isn’t yet established formally


The thing that frustrates people about ANTIFA/BLM is what appears on the surface to be a double standard in law. Solid examples happen every day. This weekend’s examples are how people protesting laws which violate many nation’s constitutions and are easily framed as fascist, get smashed up by police with violent arrests and unnecessary force, all of which would certainly put the police and protestors at risk of catching this hyper-deadly plague which is alleged to be the core of why these emergency measures are in place. 
Meanwhile, Leftist groups enjoy total freedom to post demonstrations of all kinds all over the place and quite often, and never suffer police interference. 
Recently in an interview with a gentleman who had ANTIFA break his arm for believing the state should not sterilize and surgically mutilate children, too young to get a tattoo without parental consent, we learned that in previous encounters with ANTIFA, he had been arrested for incitement when they thugged and intimidated him for his signs in the location in Vancouver, famous for being THE spot for protests. 
In reality though, there is no double standard at all. There is only one standard which is being enforced by means that are difficult to accept. The police exist but their job is to hold classical thinkers to the letter of the law, and when needed, to interpret the law so that the left has the advantage in all confrontations. 
If a non-leftist defends himself with force against leftist force, he or she is a violent right wing extremist and maybe White Supremacist if they support classical civilization. But if a leftist attacks a non-leftist and that victim calls police, then that non-leftist is guilty of incitement. 
ANTIFA’s role in all this, is to be the police where Marxist law isn’t yet established formally.


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