Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Allies Of My Friends Are My Enemy

I am greatly saddened to see that some of my best friends continue to hold on to the idea that they can ally themselves with parties such as the Vlaams Belang. Yesterday, of course, Christine Brim the leader of Center for Vigilant Freedom, posted on the subject of how to make tentative moves towards forging a relationship with the French National Front, headed by Jean-Marie Le Pen.

In other words, rather than admitting they have made a mistake, my former allies are pushing on ever deeper into the territory of far right Ethnic Nationalism.

Let us look at Jean-Marie Le Pen and learn a little bit about the kinds of alliances he forms:

The interview (click here to see video of the interview) brings up the participation of a Front National official in a recent white supremacist conference, an event which Monsieur Le Pen declares no knowledge of.

The conference was the 2005 American European Conference convened May 20 - 22 by David Duke and the Front National member who attended was Jean-Michel Girard (Directeur de cabinet des affaires étrangères de Front National).

The conference ended with a panel debate, which included the following speakers:

Kevin Alfred Strom - National Vanguard
Don Black - Stormfront
Nick Griffin - British National Party
David Duke - representing Euro
Paul Fromm - Canadian Association for Free Expression
Jean-Michel Girard - Front National
Lady Michele Renouf
Vávra Suk - Nationaldemokraterna

Furthermore David Duke also recollects the following on his website:

"Dr. Gollnisch introduced me to Jean Marie LePen, and LePen then also proudly introduced me around the EU Parliament and invited me to a private dinner that evening. LePen and I discussed almost every critical issue facing our people. I can assure you that he is as fully knowledgable and committed as I am on the issues dear to my heart. We formed a friendship and understanding that has endured to this day, and I believe it will continue after he is, as we hope, elected France’s next president."
- - The Official Website of Representative David Duke, PhD » Interview with EU Parliamentarian Bruno Gollnisch

Charles, at Little Green Footballs, posts additional information on the same subject, and adds this bit of editorializing:

It’s political suicide for US counter-jihadists to make alliances with these kinds of people, and those bloggers who are throwing their wholehearted support behind these groups will regret it.

I wish I could say, along with Charles, that these people will regret their actions. Not that I want to watch them suffer, but that I would like to see this resolved before the inevitable pain such alliances will cause really kicks in.

But, considering the nature of this war, and the time it will take for this history to unfold, I expect they will go to their graves believing they did the right thing. Some years after they are dead, historians will look at the record and their contributions will be noted.

They won't know what hit 'em.


Bobby Coggins said...

What, exactly, has Charles done to forward the actual counterjihad?

His blog has been a good starting point. I often link to his site from my news site if I haven't already linked to the news he is linking to.

Now, CVF (and other, more quietly forming groups) are taking the next step: Actual Confrontation of the enemy by forming groups to take political action, to engage the enemy in the 5GW Battelespace.

This is a multi-faceted campaign of people leaving cyberspace and "doing stuff" in meatspace.

In my opinion, the LGF allegations have been refuted point-by-point by the various members of the CVF, and all LGF can do is cry, "Nazi" or "Racist"! which leads me to conclude they have already lost the argument.
I have been following the LGF temper-tantrum since it started...I have followed all the links. Much ado about nothing.

I will leave you with these questions...have you gone out, and taken action in meatspace?
If Charles Johnson doesn't like what CVF is doing, then why doesn't he form a similar group, and join the fight...we'd love to have more soldiers in the field.
Have you even thought about the importance of getting people elected to all levels of office that are cognizant of the dangers of Islamofascism?
Our local GOP Executive Committee has been sufficiently convinced of that need, and are only providing help to candidates who meet that criteria. I did not get that accomplished by sitting at home reading blogs, and writing posts on my websites. It took shoe leather, and attending very boring meetings, and earning trust, and winning hearts and minds.
There is room for an army a thousand times what we already have in the field...come on in, the water's fine!!!
With All Due Respect,
A Fellow Soldier

Always On Watch said...

A political candidate does not get elected without votes being cast for him.

The msm are not telling the stories.

Therefore, the importance of the blogosphere.

Except for the signature, the tone of this first comment seems to me that of "I'm a better counter-jihadist than you are." This rift in the counter-jihad should not result in that kind of stance--on any side of the divide.

Realistically speaking, any counter-jihad group can work with whomever they please. I fully understand the difference between the virtual world and the real world.

If all of us counter-jihadists are perceived as one cohesive group, we'll all be tarred with the same brush. Therein lies another danger, perhaps the greatest of them all as far as the counter-jihad is concerned.

Certainly Europe is Europe, and the situation there is dire. "Boots on the ground," so to speak. We haven't yet reached the same stage here in America. But we will!

For me, one lesson in this rift is to make sure that we don't get trapped in the same way--with only unacceptable and possibly unelectable political parties and candidates with which to align when the time comes.

Bobby Coggins said...

Always! Good to hear from you!

I guess I come off sounding superior. That is not my intent. I am beginning to grow sick and tired of all the hand-wringing and introspection.

It is my contention that Charles Johnson, and his minions, have done more to harm the counterjihad movement than the jihadis have.
Even the local progressive bloggers here in backwater western North Carolina are hitting me with quotes from Little Green Footballs...a site they had previously considered Nazi-Central.
The campaign against CVF and GoV reminds me of the tactics popularized by Saul Alinsky..."freeze your target" and they have succeeded marvelously, with every devoting sometime to fending off the attacks, going on the defensive.
A fell list of the Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals can be found on Free Republic. I would provide a link, but I am on my dial-up connect at home, and I am afraid it will time-out if I open one more tab to go looking for it.

Charles Johnson's attitude seems to be that there is no room for anyone else in the counterjihad, sort of like a big blogger trying to keep smaller bloggers down for fear that they are in a zero-sum game.

If a man, or woman, is willing to jump in a foxhole with me and fight, then good for him! I'll praise the LORD and pass the ammo!
If another soldier, previously on my side, starts shooting at me because I have accepted an "undesirable in my foxhole...then I'm gonna toss a grenade or two his way.
Europe is fighting for it's life, and the situation, in my opinion, is far darker than it has ever been. We may not be able to save it using current 5GW methods, or even through outright military intervention...but we have to try.

And I meant the Fellow Soldier Signature as a sort of giving you guys a "thumbs up" to remind you that we are still on the same side. We should cut the crap and ignore the ankle-biters!