Monday, November 26, 2007

Bin Laden To Air Message To Europeans

Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is to address a message to the European people over the terror network's media wing Al-Sahab, SITE Intelligence Group said on Monday.

"A new message is forthcoming from Osama bin Laden, the head of Al-Qaeda, addressing the European people," it said.

The message has been produced by As-Sahab, the multimedia arm of Al-Qaeda, it said, without giving a date for the message or specifying if an audiotape of video was to be broadcast.

"The announcement of this impending release was posted to Jihadist forums today," said the US-based SITE Intelligence Group.

It said the message carried a statement "urging Jihadists to distribute this notice to various Western sites to 'convey to them the reality of losing their war and facing the reality of the unseen truth'."

It's kind of funny, I was just wondering this morning what the hell had happened to Al Qaeda. They haven't threatened us directly much as of late.

Oh sure, they're telling each other they plan on shooting up shopping malls, but there haven't been any good World Wrestling Federation-style verbal smackdowns recently.

Well, here we go.


Anonymous said...

This could be the turning point of the European Counter-Jihad, the BNP have won a massive publicity victory at Oxford.

Always On Watch said...

Just in time for Christmas shoppers?