Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A must read for this week..KEN TIMMERMAN : SHADOW WARRIORS

Ever wonder how a bureaucracy day by day grinds away at a presidential directive?
shadow_warriors.jpgEver wonder why a guy fighting the good fight gets sentenced to 12 years for living 5 miles from the Maryland border?
Ever wonder how Levin et al run the show to maximize political damage, even though it damages america?
Ever wonder how Chalabi got to be seen as slime?
Ever wonder why certain leaks which are always damaging to America keep coming up?
Ever think about how senior officials undermine actions they disagree with?

Ever wonder why a Jay Garner who aided a kurdistan for 10 years got fired for the same job in Iraq?
Ever wonder how Bremer managed to screw it all up in a few weeks?

Ever want to know just how much domestic political considerations really trump victory over jihad?

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Always On Watch said...

I've read couple of Timmerman's previous books.

I'll have to read this one, too. But it will probably cause my blood pressure to soar.