Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sharansky launches new campaign to defend Jerusalem

One Jerusalem chairman Natan Sharansky has launched a new public campaign against division of Jerusalem:
Former minister and world-renowned Soviet dissident Natan Sharansky on Tuesday launched a new public campaign against the division of Jerusalem, citing an acute "identity crisis" among Israeli political leaders.

The multi-million dollar campaign, which is being launched by the privately funded 'One Jerusalem' organization that was set up in 2000 in order to maintain Jerusalem as a united city under Israeli sovereignty, comes just one week before the planned peace conference in Annapolis, Maryland, and as the government is openly discussing the possibility of ceding Arab neighborhoods of the city to the Palestinians as part of a final peace agreement.


The open-ended public campaign, entitled 'More than anything else Jerusalem,' will include radio and newspaper advertisements, special bus tours of Jerusalem in the coming weeks for tens of thousands of Israelis, an interactive Internet site, and the distribution of golden ribbons for the unity of Jerusalem, a spin-off of the orange ribbon which was the symbol of the former Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip.
Sharansky's also been interviewed by CBN, the recording which can be viewed at the link.

See also the following video which gives a reminder of what could happen if the clock is turned back:

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