Thursday, November 22, 2007

Islam - A Religion Of Peace?

Walid Shoebat and Dave Hunt discuss the Pagan roots of Islam (with thanks to Olivia).


Dag said...

Yesterday I'd never heard of David Hunt. Today I'm halfway through "They Just Don't Get It." When I finish that I'll carry on with "On the Hunt."

I don't know what the man is like on television, and my video card here is inoperative. I can say from reading this much of his first book that he's looking for activists; and I have to wonder why those who are passive would read his work. Is it the Walter Mitty type who finds him attractive? He's not kidding in this book. He means that readers take action. One would think most readers would simply read his work and put it down quickly, ashamed and bitter. Could it be, though, that those who do nothing and who will never do anything are truly so deluded that they think themselves heroic? I Hunt merely grist for the fantasy mill of the timid mind?

He gives a fine recipe for food poisoning. What would people think he means by it? Is this really just a fantasy for people to temporarily
relieve themselves of their own banality?

On another topic of great interest: "Lovely day out, aye."

Pastorius said...

That's interesting. I've never read any of his work, so I wasn't aware of that.

Are you kidding?

So, what are you doing for Thanksgiving, Dag?

Always On Watch said...

The video is no longer available. Ugh!

Pastorius said...

Man, they sure do take stuff down quickly now, huh?

And yet, somehow all the Jihadi videos stay up.

Dag said...

I'm meeting with my mates here in Vancouver this evening to dicuss what we can of jihad and dhimmitude and our best response to stopping it and restoring democracy in our world generally. Here in Canada it's not Thanksgiving at all, just another work day. I so work.

Maybe it would be fruitful to go into the video business. You all manage to make radio, which none of us here have been able to get organized to respond to; and I wonder if it might be possible to take up the market slack by providing an outlet for the censored videos we would like to see but can't thanks to the jihadis and the dhimmis we struggle against daily.

Pastorius said...

That's a good idea. It would require me not to be a techtard, though.

that's a tall order.