Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Turkey - It's a metaphor

So on the way down to the family thanksgiving turkey gathering my wife asked me again, what the hell I was typing over so furiously in the week before. At the time I had answered, it's 1966 again and left her non plussed.

So this time I pulled out the old IPOD, and plugged in to the AUX INPUT and said, 'let's listen to Phillip Dewinter explain himself' and she said 'who?'. All I said was, he was the head of the largest political party in northern Belgium, and wanted to preserve his culture in schools, and in church and in practice. I then played the Shire Network News interview, but cut it off before Tom Paine explained himself and his views a bit.

Mrs. Epa did not hesitate to sneer at the moment when the non denial of Vlaams leader morphed into his poetic challenge of 'it's a metaphor'.

"When I said I wanted a white europe, a white flanders, it was a metaphor"

For all Americans who have really been THERE during civil rights, this is a crystallizing statement from which there is no going back. It differentiates between the fear of loss of historic culture and its wonderful traditions, and the inner compulsions which force humans to do the ugliest things imaginable, one tiny step in descent at a time.

No Charles Johnson, No Gates of Vienna, No Atlas, no other explanations needed. No worries about smears, just the leading light of Vlaams Belang and all the time in the world to explain himself, any way he pleased, uninterrupted. He could have repudiated this statement. HE could have said a million things, instead he was Hillary Clinton treading a narrow path between the base and the necessity of not losing the center, wink wink nod nod.

Simultaneous to all of this, was the self bukake experiment of the conservative (republican) group Young Americans for Freedom who had invited Mr. Nick 'Holohoax' Griffin (now I'm sorry to use wiki right there, but for those who wish to find excuses for this scum, there are a million resource out there which will negate that, including the BBC interview in which he utters his infamous little ditties). There are claims that he has 'modified' his stance now. Sure. Maybe he got a good look in his funhouse fringe mirror inside some English hoosegow. However, joyously holding hands with David Duke (another 'culture defender') in 2005 at a party celebration yields doubt as to this. Now as to the YAF, take a good look at their history. Is their any doubt what Barry Goldwater (who wanted to kick Jerry Falwell's ass), or Bill Buckley who STARTED the modern conservative movement by driving the racists from the 'temple' would have to say?

Meanwhile the inimitable Republican sliding to Larouchedom in Dukeland, Ron Paul, has gone from praising The John "fluoride in the water is a commi plot" Birch Society as savior of the Constitution to accepting money, support and endorsements from Stormfront, whose symbol by the way appears in Mr. Dewinter's home (but maybe he is Druid afficianado).

Now I'm not someone to make everything left and right, but I can tell the difference between cultural defense (which is what Bill Cosby does) and racism (which is a call for white europe, which BTW can be construed to have as a side effect, cultural defense). I don't need to hear the claims and counterclaims about neo nazi, white power is sufficient, thank you.

I just can't help it, every time I hear more and see more, it gets worse and worse.

Counter jihadism, and realism about the Khomeinist and Salafist freaks makes one seem crazy enough to the vast majority who are simply worried about $3.20/gallon gas headed to $5, and VERY secondarily about being blown up in a mall.

The taint of racism in any way, like Stormfront and Ron Paul, like Nick Griffin at the erstwhile 'conservative' YAF, de-legitimizes VALID defense of american liberal values, and individual rights to such a large extent that WE WILL LOSE. If we accept these kinds of allies, WE WILL LOSE.

I don't want these people on my side, and in fact have decided I am not happy to have two movement come out of this.

One movement is UNABLE to accept the taint of white power as part of its recipe to defend against Achmadinejad, Qaradawi, HAMAS, Bakri, and the Nasrallah's, and one movement who has some problem searching for excuses for it, but WILL excuse the questionable in OTHER PLACES on 'practical grounds'. The defense I hear is, 'Europe is so far gone, we have to accept the help of ...........( Fill in with anything). I've heard it ALL BEFORE.

Phillip DeWinter said what he did, and there is no way back. No Vlaams Belang defender has yet been able to defend Mr. DeWinter's currency, currently in this signal statement.

White Europe is plain enough. He did not complain of translation error or any other inaccuracies, merely tried to sidestep in a way that would make Bill Clinton PROUD (though Mr. Clinton for all his faults, and they are unacceptable ones does not fall close to the category of the apparent inner problems of Mr. DeWinter).


Pastorius said...

Great essay, Epa. And, I say that, as you can, not only because it is clear and cogent, but because I AGREE.


Epaminondas said...

Muchas...the wifey's reaction was so utterly unambiguous ...

Neocons are not amenable to this shit is my read, no matter what.

Always On Watch said...

This morning, I found this via a Google alert. Final three paragraphs:

There is a reasonable answer to this mess, which is to ask that Ceasar's wife be above suspicion. After American Labor was penetrated by Communist agents in the 1930s and 40s, the AFL-CIO expelled unions that didn't clean up their act. That was an act of public clarification --- it engendered real trust in pro-American union leaders like George Meany and Ronald Reagan, who began his political career as president of the Screen Actors Guild.

One reason why the American Left is in such bad shape today is that they no longer bother to clean out their totalitarians. Conservatives are doing well today in part because William Buckley and others drew a sharp line against racists decades ago. Conservatives today are delighted to see Clarence Thomas and Bobby Jindal achieving high office, not just because they are good people, but also because their success declares to the world who we really are.

So it may be sensible to ask conservatives elsewhere to prove their good intentions, just as we need to demand that the Democrats throw out their totalitarians. Maybe Paul Belien should clarify his position on these issues. Vlaams Belang should clean up its public image, and explicitly denounce suspicious characters. The political benefits of doing that are clear. It is also the right and proper thing to do.

The article also mentions a conspiracy, though I don't believe that word is used.

It's time for transparency. Past time, really. Getting to that transparency requires clear definitions of the terms. Haven't we here agreed that the Islamic definition of "peace" differs from what the appeasers want to understand by that term? (One example)

It is not so much to ask that "white Europe" also be defined--and not just by it was a metaphor. After all, metaphor is a literary term which allows for multiple levels of interpretation, many of which a literary author may never have intended (as in the clothesline in Tom Sawyer.

BTW, WC has posted a good essay on the topic at hand.

Always On Watch said...

In my experience, most neocons don't really study the historical record.

Pastorius said...


I've read that article at American Thinker before.

Even if it is true, it doesn't settle anything.

The sad fact is that many of our brothers and sisters have shown themselves willing to choose Ethnic Nationalism over Freedom.

Epaminondas said...

AOW, Neocons iconic belief is JEFFERSON.

That is, LL and the POH, is innate in human beings, and cannot be denied.

Even if you are muslim. The quran stands in direct opposition to this principle.

Corollary to this is the idea that nations who free their people to this standard are too busy to CARE about fighting each other. Nothing could be historically truer (excepting 1812), as my pseudonym, the very first neocon make unmistakably clear.

HEY WC, fine, fine post over there

Always On Watch said...

No, the article doesn't settle anything.

But toward the end, the author points out something important, I think, and Epa spoke a similar point here in his essay: specific condemnation of specific individuals and specific statements from the past.

As I commented over at WC's site, we demand specific condemnations from CAIR and the like, and excoriate those groups for not making certain condemnations. Shouldn't the same apply to any relationships the counter-jihad undertakes? I believe so.

Always On Watch said...

Jefferson's ideological world was rocked when he had to deal with the Barabary pirates.

BTW, I'm not a neocon in any sense of the word.

Always On Watch said...

The sad fact is that many of our brothers and sisters have shown themselves willing to choose Ethnic Nationalism over Freedom.

Simply stated, I AM NOT.

I'll talk. I'll listen. But the choice? Well, you know where I stand on this.

For centuries, Europe has been engaged in what amounts to the tribalism of nobility. I don't want the United States to slide into that same pit.

Always On Watch said...

Tomorrow, on the radio show, WC and I will discuss with Warren this matter we've been talking about. Bottom of the hour.

Epaminondas said...

AOW, right on the head..."Shouldn't the same apply to any relationships the counter-jihad undertakes? I believe so."


All it requires is for Mr. Belien and others, PAM please, - to say, 'DeWinter's call for a white europe is REPREHENSIBLE, UNACCEPTABLE, and puts his group in opposition to what WE ARE FOR.'

The only thing we both intersect on is opposition to Khomeinism and Salafism.

There is NO WAY that I believe someone like Pam Geller is for a white europe, so WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? That's no different from a white alabama. RU KIDDING?

People like this CANNOT be saying, 'well we need these white europe guys, so we will overlook racist statements by the leaders in order to get this alliance'

I will not accept this yet.

Again, all this is based not on ANYTHING Johnson claims, or any personal pissing contest among the various personages, but on DeWinter's words.

They are REPREHENSIBLE and his metaphor excuse is a pile of manure.

We cannot accept this among us and WIN against barbarism.

It IS barbarism.

Always On Watch said...

AOW, right on the head..."Shouldn't the same apply to any relationships the counter-jihad undertakes? I believe so."



I think you may have had a misimpression of me.

I've long ago discovered that, in a debate (or in an emotional or intense discussion), all of us can overlook what should be quite simple, particularly inherent flaws in reasoning. Know what I'm getting at? That's why I had to step back and THINK for a while--hard to do, considering how much is at stake in the counter-jihad.

Pastorius said...


It would be a good idea to get our brothers and sisters to make specific condemnations. However, if you read my post above about whether the CVF is now advocating for an alliance with Le Pen, you will see that I believe many of our friends are doing this out of desparation. In other words, they are willing to believe there is good in Le Pen. Therefore, it would not, at all, be contradictory for them to ally with Le Pen and condemn racism at the same time.

Epaminondas said...

"not be contradictory for them to ally with Le Pen and condemn racism at the same time."


The power of self deception is amazing.

Next at 11, Zhirinovsky wins the Nobel Peace prize and celebrates "I am a zionist day" in St Petersburg with Al Sharpton