Thursday, November 29, 2007

Absolute Evil

Raymond Ibrahim compares two totalitarian ideologies from across the ages. It's quite a telling presentation.

Here the topic is democracy:

MK: “And that is why this type of democracy has become the instrument of that race which in its inner goals must shun the light of day, now and in all ages of the future. Only the Jew can praise an institution [democracy] which is as dirty and false as he himself,” (p. 91).

AQR: “You [Americans] elect the wicked from among you, the greatest liars and most depraved, and you are enslaved to the wealthiest and most influential [among you], especially the Jews — who direct you through the lie of ‘democracy,’” (p. 210).

Here we see direct opposition to peace.

MK: “In exactly the same way, our German pacifist will accept in silence the bloodiest rape of our nation at the hands of the most vicious military powers if a change in this state of affairs can be achieved only by resistance — that is, force — for this would be contrary to the spirit of his peace society” (p. 112).

AQR: “But what does amaze us from some who claim to adhere to Islam is that when the infidels attack and ridicule their religion, openly advertising it as a “Crusade” against Islam, we suddenly find them responding by saying that they do not crave war but instead they desire coexistence, universal peace, and justice… Does this not count as a defeat? Is it not a perversion of the Islam of Muhammad?” (p. 23-24)

The conclusion -- the very last sentence -- is something I can't disagree with.

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