Sunday, November 25, 2007

Too Hot for Qatar

The Peninsula via Rofasix:

Success has a price. The same holds true for the first Qatari woman pilot, who made history when she became the only Arab female to fly a helicopter, but societal pressure and ridicule has stopped her from enjoying this unique achievement.

Munira Al Dosri gave an interview to a local paper which also carried her photo in a pilot's uniform (gasp!).

“All phone calls had a similar message to convey. People were telling me they felt ashamed to see me without the abaya and veil (Qatari women’s traditional attire). They told me they were ashamed of me being a Qatari woman,” she said.

They're idiots.

“I want society to realise how important it is to respect people’s personal freedom. I believe that we are living in a society which has a mindset which would take long to change. People here should learn to respect others’ freedom.”


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