Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holocaust Survivors Protest "The Annapolis Peace Show"

From Democracy Broadcasting:

Don't try to make Israel your Czechoslovakia, President Bush and Secy Rice.

Holocaust survivor, Mr. Paul Schnek, protests Bush Administration pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert whose capitulation to reward Jihadist terror with Israeli surrender of land and communities for the establishment of a hostile, Muslim, Palestinian state alongside Israel imperils the West against the Jihad.

Filmed at contra- Annapolis Conference protest outside Israeli Embassy in NYC, organized by Eva Costabel and Buddy Macy.

Mrs. Costabel warns against those, like Arabs and James Baker, who use Jews as scapegoats to manipulate power.

Survivor, Mrs. Costabel, warns Christians not to trust those (like the Nazis and Islamists) that scapegoat the Jewish people (civilization's canary in the coalmine) to implement tyranny. The Nazi's used anti-Judaism to rise to power, which enabled them to kill more than 50 million Christians.

She warns Westerners that Islamists resent Israel as the only modern democracy in the Middle East (which runs against the grain of the Muslim socio-political system of theocracy) which Saudis preach must dominate anywhere Muslims live - including throughout the West.

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