Saturday, November 24, 2007

Islam-- Survival of the fittest?

The great 19th century British naturalist Charles Darwin's singular contribution to the annals of science was his (still) provocative idea of "survival of the fittest." In other words, the species best adopted to their environment tend to survive and thrive, while those less than ideally suited tend to perish. Furthermore, changing conditions can and do cause the emergence of newly dominant organisms. The fossil record is full of the remnants of species--dinosaurs, mammoths, et al--that were, for whatever reason, not up to the task of surviving in a changing world.

Darwin's theory can also be extended to fields outside the natural sciences. Other entities also rise and fall in their respective realms depending on their ability to cope with a dynamic environment and how they deal with their competitors. Corporations succeed or fail based on how well they have 'read' their chosen marketplace(s) and operating conditions. What happens if companies are no longer able to perform these functions well? Ask anyone who used to work for Montgomery Ward or Eastern Airlines, for instance.

Other human organizations/systems also must cope with the same dynamic. They must attract new members, care for and retain existing ones, address funding issues, handle administrative matters with reasonable levels of efficiency, manage their culture/ideology over time, and effectively deal with competitors.

Islam is a belief system and it faces the same sort of issues. Whatever can be said about Islam's supposed merits, Islam works. By 'works', I mean that Islam is successful in gaining new followers, retaining existing ones, and dealing with competing belief systems.

Islam manages all these functions, simply put, through coercion, intimidation, fanaticism, deception and violence. Muslims, once 'born' or converted into the belief system, cannot leave under pain of death. Other belief systems that Islam bumps up against are mislead, oppressed, marginalized, or outright annihilated, as the followers of Zoroaster in Persia, Buddha in Afghanistan, or YHWH in Arabia could readily attest to. If they could still testify to anything, that is. Islam's murderous Jihad, having liquidated all of them, has relegated many of its competitors to the dusty and forgotten pages of history.

By accident of geology, Muslim nations sit on top of massive quantities of oil, which requires little processing, is in high demand, and thus can be sold at vast profit. This not only takes care of fundraising, but also finances additional growth and offensive operations (information warfare, 'martydom' operations, etc.) against those competiting ideologies. Such sales also have the added bonus (for Islam of course) of draining the coffers of non Muslims.

Is Islam the 'fittest' ideology? Is it fated to dominate by outmuscling or destroying all others in its path? The followers of Mohammed can certainly be encouraged by the historical record. Wherever Islam invades, it conquers and rules supreme. Half of the Hindu world, most of the Buddhist states, the vast majority of Jews and Christians in the Middle East...all destroyed utterly by the sword of Mohammed.

Only two major territorial setbacks for Islam can be found in 14 centuries of its existence-- the Reconquista of Spain, completed in the 15th century, and the founding of the modern state of Israel in 1947. And the Ummah has every reason to believe that these two setbacks are only temporary.

Are environmental conditions changing before our eyes to favor Islam once and for all? The West (Islam's chief strategic competitor at present) no longer bears enough children to even replace its own numbers, let alone grow in any meaningful way. The West's core Judeo-Christian ideology, discredited by its own ruling elite, has now been supplanted by the dictum of 'Political Correctness/Multiculturalism', a pernicious self-destructive creed of defeat that all but begs for victimization from aggressors (i.e. Islam). Furthermore, Muslims are also free to permanently migrate into the territory of their main rivals (Europe and North America) in ever-growing numbers. Emasculated Western leaders are either incapable or unwilling to alter the situation.

The Islamic World, on the other hand, has a surplus of manpower (a by-product of polygamy, and the banning of birth control), trillions in oil-funded capital, and is more than ever confident in its own core ideology--that Islam is fated to rule the world. Why should they doubt it, with it coming true before our eyes?

Islam, with its murderously simple fascist ideology, utterly ruthless methods, and enfeebled opposition, appears (heavens forfend) best posed to survive.


Pastorius said...

That's a depressing thought.

It is pretty funny to think of the beginning of the state of Israel as being a "major territorial setback" for Islam. But, I'll go with it, what the heck.

Instead of wondering whether our time is up, I think we ought to acknowledge the facts in your article and beat the hell out of them. We are technologically superior you know.

Anonymous said...

The Darwinian analysis of Islam is known as the 'meme' or 'mind virus' theory, with Islam being viewed as the 'rabies of religions'.